My whole screen went black when I opened my project

When I opened my Unreal project, my screen which normally shows my scene where I build was pitch black. I couldn’t see anything from my game. The whole screen was black and I fear that I won’t be able to get my game back even though I saved. This has happened to me before, causing me to create a new project which was this one. Is there a fix so that I can get my screen back to normal and continue working? I will attach an image.

that looks like an empty level looking at the world outliner.

if you go to the project settings there’s a map and modes section where you can choose what map opens when you open the editor and/or start the game.

It’s black because it’s an empty level without any light source (see World Outliner). Are you sure you saved your level? Open “Content Browser” and filter all your assets by “Level” type.

If nothing will be found then I’m afraid you didn’t save your level last time.

I tried that but I still can’t find my map where it says to select your startup map. It doesn’t come up on the selection bar. My game is called CombatPro and it doesn’t show up at all.

Thank you so much for your help. That was the issue. I thought I had saved my level but I didn’t. It wasn’t too much work, only maybe a few hours or so. Thanks for answering my question.

Thanks for answering my question, I found out where I went wrong.

How did you fix your issue??

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I saved my project as a new level, so that whenever I open the game, I can click on that level down in the asset bar.

But, if you didn’t do that before, I wound up having to create a new project. But, now I know how to save it properly.

Outliner is blank there is nothing inside the scene.

check Image Attached.

To clarify, here is what I meant by asset bar. I don’t know if you reconfigured your UE4 interface, but there should be an asset bar at the bottom of the screen, where you can save levels to click on at any time. For example, once you finish a level or are done working, go to file and save current level. That will save it down to the asset bar, so that whenever the project is opened, you can click on the saved level and continue working.

Unfortunately, if there is nothing down in your asset bar, the level hasn’t been saved properly. I encountered this problem myself and I was forced to create a new project, but this time with the proper steps to save.

Solution to a similar problem in case someone googles this like me can also be that the map accidently got closed, you have to find it in the Content Browser (orange icon with models on a plane situation on it) and double-click it to reopen.

If you have the Starter Content folder like me, you might have built on one of those maps, just go into the folder (in Unreal Engine) and then to Maps.

I moved around the Starter Content folder so my map got closed, everything black, World Outliner empty, Content Browser still had my things though, I was really confused.

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Thank you, that helped!

please solve my problem and it will be really helpful if you link video or a photo

i have the same problem :frowning: