My two questions about lighting?

(Unreal Tournament Editor)

I would really like help on this, as I cannot find answers on here, or find out for myself. When you place a jump pad, it has the very bright yellow glow, how would I turn that off? I just want the jump bad glowing but not the wall behind it?

Second question: why is it, when I press play to test the map it says “LIGHTING NEEDS TO BE REBUILD”? I am not really good with lighting, so I would really like some assistance on how to place perfect lighting.

I can’t speak directly to the UT editor since I’ve not used it, but there shouldn’t be significant differences aside from some specific classes that are setup for the gameplay.

  1. Not sure about the Jumpad, but check the Blueprint and see if the glow is from a point/spot light and you can lower the lights intensity. If it’s not a light it’ll more than likely be a material. Then you have two options with that. You can lower the emissive brightness in the material or you can adjust the Bloom value in the Post Process Volume. If there isn’t a post process volume you can place one in the level and set it to unbound in the details panel. Try setting the Bloom to a lower value.

  2. Light needs to be rebuilt happens when you have stationary/static lights in the scene that also has static meshes that have been placed. The lighting will need to be rebuilt so that it bakes into a texture so that it doesn’t have to generate dynamic shadows at run-time. You can have a look at this Wiki Lighting Troubleshooting and Tips guide: A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Unreal Engine Forums