My Multiplayer game problem

I’m new to multiplayer and networking (I’ve worked previously on offline games) I followed a tutorial and made a steam based host and join multiplayer game but the problem is I don’t want to do that I want my users to click on find game button and want them automatically join a game (Limited to first 60 users if exceeded join other game). How to do this through blueprints?

How to save progress (Can it be done through steam?) to your account?

To be bit more specific Look at these Images:
I created this:-
[Watch from 31:16]
I want something like this:-


As in the above image I want a server selection button and as I select the server there


I must get my menu where if I press start I want it to automatically search for a game and with a limit of 60 members game must start.
Something like in this video How to Play Rules of Survival OFFICIAL PC Version (Works 100%!) - YouTube [Watch from 4:50 min]

Please help me out
Thank you in advance.

If your Steam setup already works, instead of having the player select a game by clicking it, you can have it search the way you do now and automatically do a “join” by selecting one of the found sessions. You can loop through the found sessions and pick one thats not full and join. I know this sounds really obvious but if you post screenshots of how you’re joining now, it would be easier to describe

I edited the question so please look into it once again thank you.