My lighting is broken?

Hello, Joe Garth is saying the lighting is broken but can’t seem to fix it by deleting the lights or changing all the default values, please help! The first image is the map on the forest pack, the second image is the map that I apparently broke the lighting on.

Turn off ‘use temperature’.

On the directional light? if so it didn’t work sadly

still the same, even when i delete it and don’t have the directional light

even if i turn visibility off of everything still messed up

I can see you’ve got crazy numbers on the directional light. I think if you delete it and drop a new one in, you’ll be fine…

Ok, then try removing the post-processing volume.

Otherwise, I’d say it’s quicker to start again.

This might happen a lot when you first start out…

This keeps happening everytime i continue a level, I cant start again, I did remove the post process but doesn’t help

If you start again, just watch out for when the lighting goes nuts, and take a look at what you did right before that.

Another possible candidate is the skylight.

dont got one, is this a bug?

No, it means you didn’t put one in… ( or you got rid of it ).

no i mean the lighting is this a bug, I know I didn’t place a skylight

As far as I understand it, you’re taking Joe’s level, making a copy and tweaking it?

His level seems to work fine.

I’m assuming it’s something you’re doing along the way. The original level definitely would have had a skylight.

I deleted everything still broken