Multiple Sprite/Lighting issues (video)

the issue with the platform disappearing and the weird ■■■■ with the tiles is probably the same issue and looks like some kind of zsort problem. i would guess it has something to do with your material.

my understanding of post process volumes is that they need to cover everything they affect so i would scale that to cover the whole level and the camera.

i haven’t done any work with 2d stuff in unreal but unreal is cm based and you’re using powers of 2. i don’t know how you’re creating your tiles but i strongly suggest using a modeling program to create a plane and then unwrapping it for your texture layout. that will make tile placement a lot easier and less error prone. ue3 did have a power of 2 grid.

i really don’t have a clue with the lighting but i suggest you do use a light (or multiple) as that will give you more control. in your situation dynamic directional lights would probably be the easiest and they shouldn’t cause any performance issues.

the collision i don’t have any ideas on but i would guess it has something to do with your movement controller and possibly collision volumes.

I ran into several lighting and rending issues while working on my project today. Everything was working perfectly as I was configuring other blueprint components but I jumped in to test and several issues started occurring. I summed up everything in this video.