Multiple servers supported?

Hello I trying to work on a concept for networking as I not sure if unreal engine even supports this so here is my plan below.

What I need is 3 servers or services which are the following:

World Server - so can register, restart world server for different location of server of the game similar to how World of Warcraft uses realms this will hold unique data regards to the world from version information, quests data, achievement data, npc and inventory for the npc etc

Auth server - for logins, group and access etc

Character Server - access database mostly for the user based on login for character and linked to which realm or character is created on, completed quest data for character from world server etc

so basically if we did updates to world server A we could restart server A or server A can be taken offline but client can still access other world server that remain up

what would be the best way to do this or recommenced for this approach as what I trying to build is open source free MMORPG kit as everything else has been concept from gui, quest system in blueprints right now but plan is to rewrite those later at some point using c++

Stephen Bishop


Unfortunately there is no master server implementation included with UE4 at this time.

You can see simple implementations of Master Server in this threads: