Multiple Lights on Mobile Platforms?

I’m currently experimenting with lighting on mobile platforms. When I set down one movable directional light, it works normally. However, when I make another, it still uses the first one, however it’s like the new one isn’t even there. Is this supposed to happen, or is it a bug of some sort?

Mobile only supports a single Directional Light. This light can be dynamic if you need, but all other lights need to be set to static as they are not supported for dynamic at the moment.

You can read about this in the documentation in these two pages:

If you’re using more than one directional light that is not supported. You can have multiple static Point/Spot lights, but only one directional light. The editor will more than likely only use the first one placed in the scene.

I tried using the rest as static and it is still not making a difference

I had one movable directional and one static point/spot(tried both)