Multiple direction light fog issue

Hi there,i have scene setup with directional light and using volumetric fog its work fine but then i put another directional to the scene volumetirc fog disable from scene,Can any one have face this kind of issue before

Can i use multiple directional light fog in UE 4 ?

The usage of multiple directional lights is limited in Unreal, many features do not support multiple directional lights. Besides that I cannot think of many cases you would want to use multiple ones.

Thanks for the answer sir,i want Env and Char light sperated thats why i want to use multiple directional light for Env i ahve a fog but in the Char i use sperate light channel to lit Char…thats the case when i drop another light for Char Env Fog Disable… i will try Spot for this whats your suggestion ?

Alright, but why would you want to separate their lighting, as it automaticaly will result in discrepancies between the character and environment lighting! The character wont match the scene.
It is a bit hard to imagine what you want to achieve without visuals.