Multiple concurrent levels on one server, how?

Think of games like Diablo or Starbound. Co-op games, not MMOs.
These games allow for different members of a party to be in different maps at the same time.

For example: Player A and player B are playing together on the same server (same server instance), Player A goes to, say, a portal and teleports to a different map, player B keeps exploring the previous map.

Note that i am not talking about big or infinite worlds, MMO-like seamless transition or anything of this sort.
Just straight up having multiple different maps/levels instanced at the same time on the server.

Is that currently possible in UE4 with networking the way it is, and if so - how?
And if not - what would be the optimal way to go about making it possible?

Good question, but as always ignored by everybody… BUMP!

Is this even possible with UE4? I’m interested in an answer too. Maybe we need to create multiple UWorld instances

You can do this. There’s a BP node for streaming in a level. A typical game that Epic builds might have a dozen levels loaded during coop.

Thank you, man, thank you so much!!!