Multiplayer Server Relevancy Issue (I think)

I have a character A.I that does not respond correctly when the ‘Server’ Player’s Camera (Viewport) is facing away from it.

If the ‘Server Player’ looks away from the A.I Actor and the** ‘Client Player’** attacks the A.I character causing it to move (launch) from its spot.
As soon as the ‘Server Player’ looks back and has the A.I in its Viewport, the A.I Actor will Snap back to where it was when the **‘Server Player’ **last saw it.

This Issue only happens when the ‘Server Player’s Camera is facing away. It works fine when the '**Server Player’s Camera **is facing the A.I Actor.
It doesn’t matter what the distance is, Server Player could be a few steps away or the over 5000m away, it will work fine as long as the Server Player’s Camera is facing the A.I Actor and has it in its viewport.

Not sure why the Camera Viewport would have any affect on Replication and Relevancy. All documentation suggest Relevancy is related to Distance

I have tried:
Always Relevant ‘On’
Replicate Movement ‘On’
Net Load on Client ‘On’
Replicates ‘On’
Net Dormancy ‘Never’
Net Cull Distance square ‘9999999999’
Never Distant Cull ‘On’
Bounds Scale ‘2 and Higher’
I have turned off all Occlusions and Culling Settings in Project Settings and individual Blueprints.

Not sure if anyone else has ever had this issue, but any suggestions would be welcomed.

Hi, I don’t think that network relevancy is any issue here since the AI exists on the server and not on the client (but I can be wrong ofc). Your mesh though has an option when to tick animations. So if you set that to only tick/update when in view, then if the server does not look at it, then it won’t update on the server.

@chrudimer Thank you so much! You were Absolutely right!
The Mesh - ‘Tick Animation’ and Character Movement - ‘Update only if rendered’ were causing the problem. It’s all working fine now.
Thanks again!