Multiplayer Melee Combat

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  • Different directional attacks and blocking: The attack direction can be chosen by the player (like in Mount & Blade or For Honor)
  • Combo attacks: Attacks can be chained together to create combos
  • Special attacks: Execution / finisher move included where the characters head is chopped off
  • Camera animation upon death: Smooth zoom out to frame the action (player becomes spectator)
  • Targeting and Non-Targeting combat (Lock-on): Both are implemented and can be used separately or together
  • Easy-to-use: Almost all of the logic is handled in an actor component. This makes it easy to add the system to an existing character and to combine it with other blueprints
  • Easy configuration: A lot of functionality is exposed through config variables. This makes it easy to change the feel of the combat system
  • Multiplayer ready: The system was created for multiplayer use, but can be used in singleplayer, too
  • Basic AI: An AI for demo porpuses is included. Can follow the player and attack him
  • UMG widgets: An enemy health bar, a hit damage indicator, and a hit direction indicator are included
  • SFX and VFX for successful attacks (blood) and blocks (sparks) included
  • Locomotion and attack animations included

If you have any feedback or feature request, just let me know and I’ll see what I can do. I am currently preparing a showcase video.

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Different guard stances and execution feature:


Are you determining hits by weapon collision?

The system can be configured in different ways. By default traces are done against the character skeletal mesh (more accurate than the player capsule, individual bones are hit) and the enemy weapon. Tracing can be done against the character capsule if deemed necessary.

Does this answer your question or did you mean something else?

That’s it. Our game has no targeting. All damage from our magic and archery systems results from projectile hits and line traces, so we want the melee system to follow suit.

When might we expect to see this available? We actually are at the stage of implementing basic sword combat and would rather plug in someone else’s system to save time.

Currently, I am looking at releasing it on Gumroad next week. Will then also be submitted to Epic, so might hit the marketplace in about 4-5 weeks.

It would be nice to see full feature list and documentation for it. Looking good so far!

I’ll let you know when this information is available.

Still planned to be released on gumroad next week?

Looking forward to test this out.

I am trying to put it by the end of the week.

That’s nice to hear :slight_smile:

The directional component of this pack, is this a feature which you can disable, or is this a main part? Very curious how this functions, i hope there are no extra buttons you have to press to navigate the directions :slight_smile: And if you need a 4.14 beta tester, you can consider me - can give critical input.

You can switch off the directional input if you want. It’s a simple bool to set. If you choose to use it, there are 2 different systems. One like in Mount & Blade where you just have to move the mouse/gamepad stick in a direction to change. The other like in For Honor with a targeting system where you have to hold the block button to change direction.

So it’s pretty versatile by exposing a few config variables which you can adjust to your liking.

A little video showing off the execution feature (more info on that coming soon):

Do you know or maybe even plan to add the option to stop combat animation on impact? Would be really nice if you could add this.

It’s already implemented :slight_smile:

Omg, really. That’s so incredible!

I mean that the weapon swing stops on impact, so no immersion break when weapons slide through character meshes.

Yes, that’s exactly what I meant, too. It’s already implemented.

Can you use this with skeletal meshes, or does it rely on static meshes, or both? Man i am so hyped for this pack, feels like the missing piece to bring my game to life. The directional component, might be also a good base for setting up combo attacks.

And will you also add archery as well, like the other melee pack plans?

You can use static or skeletal meshes - it doesn’t matter. Weapon collision are setup through a collision box.

looking good! is this BP or c++?

btw if you like M&B combat you could check out my game :slight_smile:
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