Multiplayer First Person Shooter Kit

@Fluppi393 lol i don’t think would be you but i find it funny how some people just post a raw marketplace asset up on greenlight.

When are you releasing it for 4.13 ?

@OverRated_AU Thanks for pointing me to this, and by the way it is not the first project I saw on Greenlight which was pretty obviously just the FPS Kit with some other marketplace assets.
I am not a fan of that, they pretty much only profit of people who forget to refund the game… I could have submitted it to Greenlight, but since it’s a generic FPS Kit it doesn’t make for a particularly innovative or refreshing experience and there are just better games out there. I guess some developers just don’t care about their customers :stuck_out_tongue:
@ReGret_Elias I am still working on some fixes and features for the new update, so it’s going to be a bit until it is available. If you need the new engine version now and have a bit of experience with C++ you can also convert it yourself.

Update for UE 4.13 is done, for full changelog see original post.
On Sellfy it will be available today, on the marketplace it might take few days until Epic publishes the update.

Will I get download on email or I have to go to sellfy to download it ?

@ReGret_Elias You will receive an email with the download link when everything is finished.

Will prone ever be supported ? Would be nice feature !

Hi, I bought this, it’s pretty great. The question I have, along with some others, is whether you can incorporate animset pro into this. It would really add a lot of polish quickly.

Hi Dashiva, I’ve had a play at integrating the Movement AnimSet Pro (this kit handles the weapons) and it appears to be working well so far - I just had to add the anims to the TP blendspace and tweak a few things in the anim blueprint…4502b70aa8ddb5cb3c4277c3845bc24bd36ee92b.png

@RichardB Can you make a video? I’m a beginner with this stuff

@ReGret_Elias I’m not sure if Fluppi393 would appreciate me showing the world his blueprints and source code. The main thing to come to grips with first is the Movement Animset pro animation system and how they set out their blendspaces and anim graph. There is a good vid at You will need to add the foot down notifications into each anim sequence and add a jumping state to the anim graph - that and a few tweaks to the torso rotation (it’s useful to have at idle time) and you’ve got a nicely animating 3rd person…

@RichardB I wish to explain it
Because animation is not good
Especially sprinting

@ammarr The animations that are included are designed for 1st Person view and work very well for that - they can be tweaked in Blender, Maya etc to be customized to your game easily too. For 3rd person Fluppi393 has added a 3rd person blendspace that can be edited and the animations replaced with others such as the Movement Animset Pro. The quickest and easiest way to jump in and experiment is to just edit that blendspace (BS_Character_Walk_TP) and replace each of the anims in there with ones you wish to use. You can also move the walk anims down the speed axis to get the feet moving along the ground at the correct rate. To go further with it I’d definitely recommend watching the video I linked in the previous post and if you’re not familiar with editing blendspaces I’d watch this tutorial: - hope this helps.

@RichardB I appreciate your support! Also if you want to make a tutorial go ahead and do it, it helps the community. But only do that if you want to for yourself. @ReGret_Elias As a beginner I would recommend you to make yourself familiar with Anim Blueprints, Blend Spaces, Aim Offsets etc. first because if you understand them you will be able to tweak the animations for your own needs.

Pre-Purchase questions. Do this pack have a Documentation?
and about this

i saw the item video on your channel, it won’t work or still the same to add weapons?

[MENTION=11029]Andrew Bedier[/MENTION] There is no full documentation for this project, it’s just too big. However the code is commented and most variables and functions have tooltips.
Adding a weapon is still the same, the only difference is that you don’t have to specifically add them to the item library anymore.

nice, i’m cool with nice code comments and like the dynamic update. Gona Cart this after my pay check :smiley:

any one can use lan with 4.13 ?
buz I can see a server friend
But I can not enter him
Can you add a button to enter the IP address manually?

You’ve got a great system here - I’ll try and tear myself away from my game development and get my website finished so I can add some tutorials there… keep up the good work!

I have been able to, I had to set my computer as the DMZ host though.