Multiplayer First Person Shooter Kit

The integration of the steam online subsystem with friends, user cloud etc. might come in the future but at least not anytime soon.
The modern snipers pack is not actually being made by me but another team, and as far as I know it is not far from completion.
I will probably make a tutorial about adding maps and setting up the minimap in the next days.

Well the networking is fairly optimized, however this is the Unreal Engine and I would say it is a little bit more of a compromise between performance and quality (devs please correct me if I am wrong here). You would never achieve such a fluent gameplay like in the Source engine for example, but on the other hand you can produce way nicer graphics.
You can disable the arms lag by either changing the soldier or soldier anim instance code or simply disconnecting the “ArmsRotation” and “ArmsOffset” nodes in the soldier anim blueprint.
How many frames do you get when playing the demo? Does the input lag get significantly better when you turn down all graphics settings? I read that the render thread in UE4 is always 1-2 ticks behind the game thread, which doesn’t really matter for most games but if you want something responsive as for example CS:GO this might be an issue.

Those options are defenitely something I will look into.

I see, as for performance/quality. The EU4 is open source, meaning there’s no reason why someone couldn’t make it just as optimized if they ever required? However, I’ve seen games that are FPS games feel as fluent if not better than the source engine. However, wouldn’t this just be physics tweaking? Since that’s what determines the feel of gameplay in general anyway!

I’ll figure it out, your pack in particular I’m going to purchase simply for my own testing and learning. Thanks for the answers!

I would say the most important aspect when it comes to fast paced games is the pure framerate. Games like CS:GO can render hundreds of frames per second since it doesn’t exactly have the prettiest graphics and effects. The FPS Kit Demo, which is what I assume you tested, has a greater focus on graphics, and so the framerate just can’t keep up to that. Of course you can use performance wise cheaper assets, but then you wouldn’t get the full beatuy of UE4 :smiley:

Also if you want it to be more responsive you should probably turn off effects like motion blur, as this might also be something that makes the gameplay seem delayed.

i got few problems with the update, the SWATGUY model actually doesn’t work good at all since hes just so stocky or what ever he doesnt even hold the guns. + the normal swat guy if you try to scope or use any of the rifles ironsights Hes offsighted to the right abit so he can’t use the guns properly. (is this a problem with the models or just the skeleton transfer would really like to know how to fix this perfectly so i can retarget the mesh’s with different custom characters.

p.S whats the new drop weapon button. it used to be G but now you have auto grenade as G.

and if anyone knows how to get this to work with animset pros. would save alot of time.

The new drop button is Q (you can look up input bindings in Project Settings->Input). The swat guys are actually only a test I made and were not intended to be in the release version because they didn’t work right as you mentioned. The problem is that they use a different skeleton with different bones, lengths and rotations. For the aim animation the skeleton has to be very precise though, since only if an arms bone is for example 1cm shorter than in the original UE4 skeleton the sight will be 1cm away from where it is supposed to be.

Looks great! Will definitely buy when on sale.

Is it easy to switch from hitscan to projectiles without doing a ton of custom work? I will want to use a mix of both, and I’ve noticed that kits set up for hitscan often are missing basic things like spread options when you try to use projectiles. Of course, these things can be coded in by the user, but the whole point of buying a kit is to save the user from doing extra work on basic features.

@Fluppi393: Has anyone tried to get this compiling in UE 4.11 yet?

I really want to get this but with the current Dollar / Rand exchange rate, I don’t want to get it and then find out I can’t get it working on 4.11. Please can you advise. I did ask on the marketplace page a while ago but got no response.


@qdelpeche: Sorry for not answering on the marketplace comments, I don’t get a notification when anyone leaves a comment there so I can’t really react. Anyways the reason the project is still in 4.10 version on the marketplace is that 4.11 has a very annoying bug which will always crash the editor when using hot reload with a custom world settings class. However I will upload my next update when version 4.12 goes live. If you know a little bit of C++ you could also try to convert it yourself, it’s just few function names and signatures that changes with 4.11.

Is there a lobby system؟

Hey great product btw, was wondering though how I can add my inventory system to the main character that is dynamically generated. For example I need to attach a blueprint to my main pawn except the main pawn in scene from what I can tell is the Soldier object which is dynamically instanced. How can I add a blueprint to this object? Regards

You can edit the BP_Solder blueprint and add logic to it. Ideally you can add all your inventory related data and logic directly to your soldier, if you have it bundled in a seperate blueprint you can also spawn it in the BeginPlay event and attach it to the soldier.

Hey right now im having many load error on 4.12 with fresh install:

Info Failed to load /Game/FPSTemplate/Items/AP5/Animations/AP5_Idle.AP5_Idle Referenced by Default__ABP_AP5_C
Info Failed to load /Game/FPSTemplate/Items/AmmoCrate/Animations/AmmoCrate_Idle.AmmoCrate_Idle Referenced by Default__ABP_AmmoCrate_C
Info Failed to load /Game/FPSTemplate/Items/AmmoCrate/Animations/AmmoCrate_Idle.AmmoCrate_Idle Referenced by AnimGraphNode_SequencePlayer_395
Error /Game/FPSTemplate/Items/AmmoCrate/BP_AmmoCrate : Can’t find file for asset. /Game/FPSTemplate/Items/AmmoCrate/Animations/Character_AmmoCrate_Draw
Error /Game/FPSTemplate/Items/AmmoCrate/BP_AmmoCrate : Can’t find file for asset. /Game/FPSTemplate/Items/AmmoCrate/Animations/Character_AmmoCrate_Idle
Error /Game/FPSTemplate/Items/AmmoCrate/BP_AmmoCrate : Can’t find file for asset. /Game/FPSTemplate/Items/AmmoCrate/Animations/Character_AmmoCrate_Sprint
Error /Game/FPSTemplate/Items/AmmoCrate/BP_AmmoCrate : Can’t find file for asset. /Game/FPSTemplate/Items/AmmoCrate/Animations/Character_AmmoCrate_Undraw
Info Failed to load /Game/FPSTemplate/Items/AmmoCrate/Animations/Character_AmmoCrate_Idle.Character_AmmoCrate_Idle Referenced by Default__BP_AmmoCrate_C
Info Failed to load /Game/FPSTemplate/Items/AmmoCrate/Animations/Character_AmmoCrate_Sprint.Character_AmmoCrate_Sprint Referenced by Default__BP_AmmoCrate_C
Info Failed to load /Game/FPSTemplate/Items/AmmoCrate/Animations/Character_AmmoCrate_Draw.Character_AmmoCrate_Draw Referenced by Default__BP_AmmoCrate_C
Info Failed to load /Game/FPSTemplate/Items/AmmoCrate/Animations/Character_AmmoCrate_Undraw.Character_AmmoCrate_Undraw Referenced by Default__BP_AmmoCrate_C
Error /Game/FPSTemplate/Items/AP5/ABP_AP5 : Can’t find file for asset. /Game/FPSTemplate/Items/AP5/Animations/AP5_Idle

How can I resolve this?

Also whenever I try and compile im gettting an error :

Info Creating makefile for hot reloading MFPSK (no existing makefile)
Info ERROR: Couldn’t find target rules file for target ‘MFPSK’ in rules assembly ‘UE4Rules, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null’.
Info Location: Y:\Libraries\UE\Epic Games\4.12\Engine\Intermediate\Build\BuildRules\UE4Rules.dll
Info Target rules found:
Info UE4Editor - Y:\Libraries\UE\Epic Games\4.12\Engine\Source\UE4Editor.Target.cs
Info UE4Game - Y:\Libraries\UE\Epic Games\4.12\Engine\Source\UE4Game.Target.cs
Info UnrealHeaderTool - Y:\Libraries\UE\Epic Games\4.12\Engine\Source\Programs\UnrealHeaderTool\UnrealHeaderTool.Target.cs

Anybody know how I can resolve this also? Ive been getting this error alot lately TY

I answered your email for the loading errors. For compile errors some common problems are that the project is not called “FPSTemplate” or the engine path under (Visual Studio) -> Right click project -> Properties -> NMake -> General.

Ok Ty the kit works Great, definitely one of the best all around fps kits on the market. Just trying to clear up the misc stuff before I start adding in some custom stuff.

would it be possible to see the fix for the errors discussed in that email as i get these errors on first loadup:

Error /Game/FPSTemplate/Maps/SampleMap : Failed import for SceneComponent /Game/FPSTemplate/Blueprints/BP_MiniMapRender.Default__BP_MiniMapRender_C:SceneComponent
Error /Game/FPSTemplate/Items/AP5SD/Materials/M_AP5SD_Yellow : Can’t find file for asset. /Game/FPS_Weapons_Pack/Weapons/Materials/AP5SD/M_AP5SD
Info Failed to load /Game/FPS_Weapons_Pack/Weapons/Materials/AP5SD/M_AP5SD.M_AP5SD Referenced by M_AP5SD_Yellow
Error /Game/FPSTemplate/Items/G67/BP_G67_Projectile : Can’t find file for asset. /Game/MilitaryWeapSilver/Sound/GrenadeLauncher/Cues/GrenadeLauncher_Explosion_Cue
Error /Game/FPSTemplate/Items/G67/BP_G67 : Can’t find file for asset. /Game/MilitaryWeapSilver/Sound/GrenadeLauncher/Cues/GrenadeLauncher_Explosion_Cue
Info Failed to load /Game/MilitaryWeapSilver/Sound/GrenadeLauncher/Cues/GrenadeLauncher_Explosion_Cue.GrenadeLauncher_Explosion_Cue Referenced by Default__BP_G67_Projectile_C
Error /Game/FPSTemplate/Attachments/Sights/Scope_26x56/BP_Scope_26x56 : Can’t find file for asset. /Game/FPSWeaponPackVol3/Weapons/Meshes/Accessories/SM_Scope_25x56_X
Info Failed to load /Game/FPSWeaponPackVol3/Weapons/Meshes/Accessories/SM_Scope_25x56_X.SM_Scope_25x56_X Referenced by Default__BP_Scope_26x56_C

This kit is really, really good i just need some help resolving these errors if you can before i get to deep into editing…

When is the next update coming ?

could you make a tutorial on how to properly add maps to you kit effectively, im trying to add the sub way map but having trouble with getting the ui for customization to show up.