Multiplayer First Person Shooter Kit

Hello UE4 community!

My FPS kit got released about a month ago, and I thought it would be a good idead to give people a thread here to discuss and get support.

If you don’t know my project, here is the most important info about it:

UE4 Marketplace:

Release video:

Update video:

Additional ressources:

For anybody who wants to create animations for their own weapons and is familiar with Blender, you can use this file as a template:

If you want to test the game mechanics you can download a packaged version of the kit here:

Update 3/9/2016: V2
-Added Perks (fast reload, draw, sprint)
-New interaction widget
-Animations for interaction (pick up item, push button)
-Soldier task interface: Possibility to add things like sliding and climbing obstacles
-Added mini map feature (can be enlarged with Caps lock key)
-Polished user interface
-Main menu and in game scalability menu
-In game server menu (change map, kick player)
-Toggle between first person and third person mode
-Reworked some animations
-Improved loadout preview
-Remove ItemLibrary, instead using a completely dynamic solution
-Custom in game Nickname
-G key to fast throw grenades, F key to fast knife

And many bug fixes!

Update 6/7/2016:
Updated to engine version 4.12 with new features and fixes.

Update 9/7/2016:
-Updated to 4.13 official release
-Added proper bomb model and animations (thanks to Kevin Sears for the model)
-Added “BombSpot” actor class, which allows bombs to be planted in specific locations (bomb area volumes still exist)
-Added simple buy menu for bomb defuse mode
-Moved all physical surface related data to a new singleton blueprint (impact effects and footstep sounds)
-Damage multipliers for soldiers can now be changed per bone (exposed to blueprints)
-Fixed weapon sound attenuation
-Added logic for projectile flyby sound (“bullet crack”), per projectile class adjustable
-Added tag to prevent items from being selectable in customization (e.g. for bomb)
-Amount of ticks/kills can now be specified when hosting a server

We’ll also be providing users with various assets packs for this project to create a real turn key first person shooter project. The first in a series of asset packs is our upcoming animated sniper rifle pack. The animations will be integrated in the MPFPSK with weapons and items sold as separate entities. All you’ll need to do is add the asset packs to the project to replace the placeholders for the assets. We’re looking forward to making it easier for game devs to get started on their dream fps game!

What about guides to importing our own weapons as I’ve looked at the default weapons and cant seem to put my finger on the bone structure…I am familiar with blender and bones but cant seem to work with the default weapons…Even my simple grenade wouldn’t work right and ended up hitting me in the back of the head when thrown.

Did you have a look at the Blender animation example file linked in the original post? It includes an animated weapon so you can see how everything is set up and experiment with the export options (most importantly the bone axes).
For importing the finished assets I made this short tutorial:

Actually I didn’t see that example in the original post as I thought this was the post XD…I will have a look at that and play around with it some more

I got many questions:

  • This support world model and viewmodel for the weapon ? Because in the video looks like you use the same model and same animations.
  • This work in multiplayer ? If work in multiplayer got a system of simulation in client of the crosshair and shoot and movement of each character ?
  • What are the settings to setup each weapon ? In the video don’t see too much only the basic setup for weapon but nothing of spread or settings for ADS or other things ?
  • Got prone, crouch, stand ?

The game description in the store is too bad:

What about all the shooter features ? I don’t see nothing ?

Yes I know the description really only touches the surface, I thought the video would clarify more what would be included.
To your questions:

  • It’s a “real” fps game, meaning it uses the same models and animations in first and third person view
  • Yes it is designed for multiplayer, everything like movement, interaction, firing and recoil is replicated
  • There are a lot of settings like fire rate, fire modes, recoil, precision and I wrote a short tool tip description for almost every single one
  • Stand and crouch work, prone is not supported however

Great product, quick question: are there any guidelines for changing out the character animations? I know you are using a system with only 1 mesh so I want to make sure I don’t screw anything up.

Also is third person supported out of the box? I assume I can move the camera back and offset it to get third person, but I would also need to offset the aim as well(which I can do but I was wondering if you had like a third person camera switch built in or anything).


You can basically use any character animation, only the head movement shouldn’t be too exaggerated since that’s really noticable in first person.
Third person is not supported out of the box right now, but this might be something to come with the next update.

Couple of feature requests.

  1. Can you make the Player (Soldier) a blueprint so default values can be easily modified (like your guns).
  2. Not sure if this is a bug but decals dont show up when you are shooting the walls.
  3. The ability to interact with an object/terminal and change your loadout would be nice (basically allowing the customization menu to be opened via button press or interaction with a world object would be really cool).
  4. Third person switch.

Thanks and great work

  1. Coming with next update.
  2. Either the wall’s collision is off or, more likely, it doesn’t have a physics material applied
  3. Interaction with world objects is already integrated (@see InteractionInterface) and will be improved in the update, ability to customize loadout in game won’t come though
  4. EDIT: Included in new update!

The new update will go live today! (Changelog in first post)
The update adresses a lot of issues, adds new features and makes the project a much more complete game!

Please report bugs you find to me, and of course I am still open for feature requests for the next update!

Also I will upload a new demo containing the update and some other marketplace items to show the full potential of the MPFPSK.

Note: It will take at least 6 hours until I uploaded the files and Epic updates the project!

So you decided to add third person afterall!

Question: If i am going to do a nazi zombie style game can i actually turn off the load out?

Do you have a trello or roadmap showing upcoming features?

Yea I tried the third person mode and I actually liked it, so I decided to add it :wink:
And yes you can turn off the loadout. In ABaseGameMode there is a variable called “bUseCustomLoadout”, if you set this to false every player will spawn with the “DefaultLoadout” which is also variable of the same class.
And no I don’t have a Trello roadmap, but if someone requests a feature I can tell them if I will include it in the next update.

Haven’t seen any updates from Sellfy as I purchased this through Sellfy…Any reason as to why?

Update is already on Sellfy, will send an Email around so everybody gets a direct download link for it.

Ok thanks…I just your email…Thanks Fluppi and keep up the good work and can’t wait to see more updates to this kit :slight_smile:

hey in the next update can u plz add a login sustem and database setup with gui e.g. a friend menu ,save player data and leveling system i wouldnt mind watching a tutoral on how to set up a dedicated server as well as mysql plzzz it wold completly cange the kit also wen is this snier thing coming out.
finally can u plz do a tutioral on how to ad maps as well thx

How well optimized is the networking/replication of this FPS pack? Would you say if we’re trying to make a competitive esports FPS shooter that has AAA performance (not quality, just performance) that would need to further tweak and improve?

Oh, and options to see FPS, mouse sensitivity and aim type? Currently the aim/crosshair isn’t fixed to the gun models and when turning quick the model etc… lag behind. I’d prefer them to stick in place and have no effect when moving my aim around. Another issue is the input in aiming and looking around feels laggy and delayed as opposed to direct input! Any reasons?

Thanks in advanced!

i am getting the same problems and a fix would be so awsome also could you add he mouse sensitvty and volume control