Multiplayer can't control player 2 in TopDown Sample?

I’m using TopDown Sample to test multi player in 4.17.0.
the first window was fine, i can move character with mouse click, other window won’t work.
never change anything in the project.
I’m new to Unreal, is any ider to fix this or the feature in engine is broken?


Thanks for the question, the Engine is very likely not broken, the Top Down sample is not set up for multiplayer I believe.

As you mentioned you are new to Unreal I would recommend you check out a few of the great tutorials around, or if you’re keen on jumping in with multiplayer, take a look at a few of the multiplayer enabled projects on the launcher learn tab. Multiplayer shootout covers networking using only blueprints, or Shooter Game shows more advanced implementation.

I would recommend if you’re new to Unreal, you hold off on multiplayer until you are comfortable with setting up some single player gameplay. The networking setups builds on single player setups and adds a extra level of logic, so its best to be comfortable with the basics first. Epic have many great tutorials on their youtube page, or if you prefer to reverse-engineer, all the projects on the launcher learn tab can be downloaded and taken apart to figure out how they work.

Hope that helps…

thanks Dan.
found the Multiplayer shootout in lern page.