Multi Sphere Trace for Objects not detecting AI Pawns

Im trying to set up two AI. One prey, one predator.

I am working on giving the predator line of sight detection of all other pawns (prey). I am using a modified version of step 11 in the UE4 Behavior Tree Quick Start Guide as seen here

I am not at home so I cant link my actual code, but its basically identical to that.

I added some print strings to the output of the hit on each trace so that I could if and what they are “seeing”.

When the player enters the volume, it can see and move toward me. But when I place the AI pawn for the prey, it doesnt report “seeing” anything.

The prey pawn is simply a sphere with simple floating movement, and a collision sphere. It is definately a pawn and yet it doesnt count as one for the multisphere trace.

EDIT I believe I have found a bug in the EObjectTypeQuery variable.

It only lists pawn, not pawn and/or character. However, this code will chase an empty character, but not an empty pawn.