Moving Matinee with Static Mesh

I have a VR cockpit using the HTC Vive in UE4.12.

One of the functions is to have the display ‘fly out’ with a new display ‘flying in’. I have used a matinee to do this and the animation looks pretty good.

Another function of the demo is to be able to change the height of the cockpit around the user (to accommodate for people of different heights). I have currently set this up using ‘SetActorLocationAndRotation’, however, if I change the height of the cockpit then run the matinee, the animation plays from the starting position of the display.

Is there any way I can dynamically change the start position of the matinee when changing the cockpit height?

Thanks in advance.


SOLVED: Instead of moving the cockpit around the user, I set the camera to the correct position and used the space bar to trigger ‘Reset Orientation and Position’. This puts the user into the correct position every time.

Apologies if this seemed simple. For new users like me it may be helpful. :slight_smile: