MoveToLocation - Get turn points

How can I get turn points on the path of an actor which was told to get to location? I will explain with picture:

In the pic I have an actor and target. The problem is that in his way there is obstacle, to solve it I use MoveToLocation which defines smart path. I need to get the turn points of this path. How can I do this?

MoveToLocation only handles pathfinding internally, so you won’t be able to access the path that way.

I haven’t tried this at all, but have a look at the Find Path To Location Synchronously node. Unfortunately, documentation is sparse, so I’m not entirely sure what to feed into the Pathfinding Context (the tooltip suggests the NavMesh, Pawn or Controller, though) or Filter Class (RecastFilter_UseDefaultArea sounds okay). You might also be able to leave them empty. I’d suggest to experiment a bit.

Anyway, the node returns a Navigation Path Reference from which you can create a wire to Get Path Points, which presumably is an array of waypoints on the navmesh.

Good luck!

Well I am using C++ not Blueprints. I can not find Find Path To Location Synchronously in C++. Do you know how it is called in C++?

Oops, sorry. You even posted it under C++ Programming

I haven’t played around with pathfinding yet (beyond the Blueprint tutorial). But it looks like the usual recommendation is to use the PathFollowingComponent for anything more customized than standard Move: UPathFollowingComponent | Unreal Engine Documentation