Moved my game to 4.24 and now trace won't return physical material

In 4.23 performing a simple box trace by channel, I could do a condition check to see if the hit actor’s physical material was equal to a desired Phys mat, now after moving to 4.24 no physical material is returned (if i check using get display name), the Phys mat is applied to a landscape (same as prev version), and I also tried including it in the actual material being applied but no luck, as it’s not even returning “DefaultPhysicalMaterial” as it should and did before. Aside from this issue, everything else works the same. Any ideas?

This is definitely broken in 4.24 and 4.24.1
I believe it’s related to this fix somehow breaking it. UE-81956

Also relevant:

I tried editing my engine source to revert that change and still no luck, so I believe it happened elsewhere but I could be wrong.

I am able to reproduce this bug in a brand new project as well.