Moveable directional light not dynamic?

I seem to have run into and error where unless I build the lighting my moveable directional light is not casting lighting properly? (I do have a sky light in the scene so the shadows should be transparent)

Did you set your Skylight to movable as well?

Hey WarLord,

Take a look at the documentation on Sky Lights here:

The documentation mentions that only components and lights with Static or Stationary Mobility will be captured and used for lighting with a Static Sky Light. This has been updated to include Movable Sky Lights, and while there are still some limitations on Sky Lights you should see better results with your movable Directional Light if you make sure your Sky Light is set to movable, as Jacky suggested above. There are a few additional setup steps which you can find here:

Hope that helps!

Ben Halliday

I forgot that minor detail. thanks -_- :slight_smile:

Thankyou :slight_smile: