Movable objects not receiving lighting in interiors from static lights

I’m trying to figure out exactly which configurations i need for proper interior lighting, but i’ve been unsuccessful.
All movable objects in my scene only seem to be lit with the directional light.
I just want my interior lights to affect characters and doors.
Any advice?

same issue 4.20.3 light as static wont work objects move too much like inspectable objects the player picks up and rotates. The game is outdoor and indoor with various buildings to enter in first person.

anyone? only way they light up is enabling lighting scenario but you can only have one on at a time and need many

This is incorrect. Static Lights do affect Movable objects, those objects just need to opt into the static environment by having proper Lightmaps set up (which require proper UVs). Then the movable object has options whether or not to use Point or Volume light samples when moving throughout the scene.

If movable objects didn’t work with Static Lighting…mobile and VR games wouldn’t really exist. Sure you can afford a couple of dynamic lights to dynamic light certain movable objects, but as long as it is setup correctly a movable object can definitely integrate into the static lit environment.

Yeah, you’re right - for some reason I thought he wanted dynamic shadows from static lights.

look up volumetric lightmap. PS once you find the definition and all which is sort of complex, you can control it from world settings.

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