Mouse disappears when Clients are travelling


I’m currently experiencing a very weird behavior regarding seamless travel. I am using servertravel to transfer all players from a Lobby into the actual game world. Now, if one of the Clients travelling from the Lobby to the Game-world is lagging, due to bad network connection or whatever (in our case it took around 8 seconds to load in to the game world, whereas most other clients finished loading after 1-2 seconds), my mouse cursor as host/server would disappear and not re-appear until the final client loaded into the game. I know the mouse was around somewhere, as I could interact with UMG-widgets by “guessing” where my mouse cursor is, it was simply invisible.

Has anyone ever experienced something similar, or have an idea where the problem could lie?

Thanks in advance, Elewyth

I am having a similar problem. In my case I am doing a seamless travel from one menu screen to another and the mouse is not visible in the new menu (despite setting Show Mouse Cursor and Input Mode UI Only in a handful of different places to test timing) until I click on a button. At which point, the mouse appears, but if I click off of the menu I lose it again. This is in 4.11.

I found this fixed my problem: Mouse cursor invisible after seamless travel - Multiplayer & Networking - Unreal Engine Forums. Perhaps it will help you as well.

i have this problem .
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I solved my problem

or as I did in my project

in Player controller

in Player Character