Mouse Cursor Replication

This is my second post about this, and it seems that nobody knows how to fix it i read about this on almost every internet page and still can’t find any possible solution i was hoping that AnswerHub will get my problem solved but unfortunatly not.
my problem is to replicate mouse location between client and server.
Server : i click to move character move well / perfect ! client see everything character move to the exact same location where server cursor is.
Client : click to move NPC didn’t respond / NPC always move to 0.0.0 / NPC move where the server cursor location is.
a little bit of changes on my BPs i got these problems idk which one is closest to my point, but all i tried so far nothing works. Many questions are asked about this problem and still no solution, maybe this time we will be lucky if someone answer my question correctly.
I / we need serious help about this !

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I hope someone will answer to this one day

According to



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this worked very well for me .thanks