Most efficient way to calculate Normals of spherical Terrain


so i was wondering if the is a better way than using the RuntimMeshComponent or ProceduralComponent Function to calculate Normals for a spherical Mesh. Both Functions are too slow for my needs.
I tried to make my own Function and the Result is pretty much ■■■■ :smiley:

Check those Screenshots

First 2 Screens are without Normals, the others with Normals calculated like this:

n123 = (p12 x p23) / (|p12 x p23|)

Everything runs smooth but it’s all black… and you can see some flickering of the “Material” in the last Screenshot
I use a Icosahedron as Base Mesh.

Edit: Normals were in the wrong Direction. So now it’s not dark anymore, but those flickering Fragments are still there :frowning:

Here is better Screenshot of the flickering Part of the Mesh

this only happens in and around the LOD-Seam

I found a solution! :smiley:
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Calculating the normal with the Noise Values seems to work better!