Model looks as if lighted "upside down" - as if light comes from the ground.

Hi guys,

Made a boulder in blender, and it looked extremely dark. We then noticed, that “underneath the rock” (the part hitting the ground) looks the way it should look at the top.

It also looks fine seen from INSIDE the rock.

We tried to flip the normals, once in blender, then only when importing, once both - unfortunately this made no difference.

Any hints would be much appreciated!

It looks like you may be using a normal map. Did you try checking to see if the normals on the normal map are inverted?

Thanks for the reply, but that’s not the issue. There are normal maps, but no matter if inverted or not, the shadow is on the “sunny side” of the object.

I have the same problem, but only when using a BP actor and directional lights. If I put the model directly in the scene, the lighting works correctly, but as soon as I encapsulate it in a BP, the directional light behaves as though it’s inverted. Point lights don’t seem to be affected.

LATER EDIT: The problem was I did not understand the way in which Directional Lights really work. They do not “shine” based on their location, instead their actually important setting is the “Source Angle”, since that’s what dictates the direction in which light is shooting. In my case, the position of the Dynamic Light was to my left, but its source angle was basically facing 180 degrees to what I was expecting, making it as if it were on my right. Curiously enough, position doesn’t matter, making it a bit confusing at first, similar to some other things like the PostProcessVolume which is infinitely unbound, the Sky & Atmosphere actor etc. Their position is merely a placeholder/pretext to have them placed somewhere in the scene, but there are other settings which actually dictate their directional behavior.