Model is black after building lights

So, when I build lights, the model in my map looks like this in game and in editor:

But, if I move the model at all, or look at it in the asset browser, it looks like this:

It’s only when I rebuild lighting does this happen to the display of the model in game and in editor.

The material setup for it looks like this, just 3 texture maps:

What could be going on?

I disconnected all the textures except for the base color texture, and it’s still extremely dark, as if it’s sitting in the shade. I don’t know what could be causing this. The mesh is entirely inside the lightmass volume and not intersecting any other geometry.

I can’t see your images but most likely your lightmap UV’s are bad or the lightmap resolution is too low

It could also be caused by the reflections -> make sure that you use a skylight + a reflection capture actor :slight_smile:

now I see, since you ripped the model from Battlefront that model was not intended for static lighting, since it was used for the main menu where it was using dynamic lighting it doesn’t have lightmap UV’s

Be aware that you can’t do anything with that asset, since it’s owned by EA