Model Changes in UE4

I have ran into an issue with my model, after I sculpted my model I retopoed a low ploy version of it then baked a normal map. In blender it looks alright despite my model not being as good as it can be but in UE4 I get seam lines when the “Cast Shadows” is enabled. for 2 days I have been looking for a solution and trying everything I find as a solution but nothing is working. I even notice it on my high poly model when I imported that to UE4, It is very frustrating that I cant figure this out and I would like to before I continue on with my project . And yes I am new to blender and UE4.

Ok, two things to try.

In Blender, go into edit mode on your mesh. Select all faces by pressing A. Find the Shading / UVs tab on the left side and click on the Smooth button under Faces:.

Then when you export your FBX file in Blender, go to the Geometries tab and set the Smoothing drop down to “Face”.

This is assuming you are using Blender 2.77 with the FBX 7.4 binary exporter.

Just tried your suggestion and its still the same. I’m using blender 2.78 with the FBX 7.4 binary exporter.

Hmmm, that is strange. That usually fixes it when I have the same issue. If you want to send a link to your Blend file I can take a look at it.
Hope this helps, and yes I know my model is probably a mess but I’m still learning.

I tried all the normal tricks to smooth it out, but I don’t think that is the problem here. I think that is the best smoothing it can do for the low number of vertices. If you want it to be smoother you will have to add more vertices. Also, I noticed when you add a texture to it in UE4, it is much less noticeable. I took the textures off some of the models I have made in UE4 and was also able to notice slight shading issues like on your mesh.

*Note: I did have to remove your texture in Blender though. It was doing really strange things. Maybe because I have Blender 2.77. Not sure.

Looks like it needs more vertices in the model, I added a subsurf to the low poly and exported it to ue4 and I dont notice the lines anymore. Thank you for all the help.