mobile device overheats

my mobile device (one plus one) extremely overheating with both developer and shipping builds.
here are what i have done so far with the render setting:

-i have about 40k of vertices and a bit less mesh faces per level

  • i use one directional light ,LightmassImportanceVolume, SphereReflectionCapture, and one skylight.
  • i use cubemap in my skylight
  • cast dynamic shadow is unchecked for all my lightning
  • my material are from GAME TEXTURE MATERIAL PACK with all roughness set to 1

i don’t know what i am missing or it is some problem with my device? or it is the engine problem with android ?

I don’t know how some mobile games are capable pulling of maps with city’s and cars robots without overheating. I don’t actually have that much stuff in the game not as nearly as some games on Google Play and the phone feels like it’s just game out of the oven. Did you find anything to improve the temperatures??