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Yes, from ftp. If it doesn’t exist on ftp, that means the upload is happening for the first time and so the entirety of the game has to be uploaded.

Okee thank you! but do i need to do that by hand? or how do i do that?

Do what by hand specifically? Upload the game? No the uploader does that.

But my GameUploader is not creating a hash.xml… or is the hash.xml part of the gamepackage? maybe my gamepackage is missing the file?

How does this manifest itself? When you upload the game through uploader and go on the php-deployer page, it says that there is nothing to deploy, or what exactly is happening? All files are in newupdate/, except for hash.xml?

I’m justing following the tutorial and yes i can’t deploy after i ran the gameuploader because the gameuploader fails because it can’t find the hash.xml(error 550)

Hey, 4.19 is released :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not an error if it doesn’t find hash.xml, it means the upload is happening for the first time (or at least you didn’t deploy on the php after previous uploads).
Please show the entire output from the gameuploader.

Detected 4199 files.

14:30:54 Generating hashes.
Progress: 4199/4199 (100%)
14:31:32 Hash generation complete.

Downloading: htdocs/launcher/hash.xml
The remote server returned an error: (550) File not available (for example, file not found, no access to file).

This error could happen for one of the following reasons:

  1. The FTP server is down.
  2. Your internet connection is down.
  3. You typed in the wrong IP address.
  4. You set something up incorrectly on the FTP or in the Settings (FtpPath or FtpAddress for example).

Restart the program and try again.
Hit any key to close program…

I see.
It seems to me that your ftp server isn’t returning error code correctly. It should be returning 550, but is returning -1 instead, even though the message it sends in plan English claims it’s the 550 error code situation. The uploader previously relied on error messages in english, which wasn’t ideal for obvious reasons. Then I changed it to rely on error codes about a year ago, and with your particular server it doesn’t seem to work. I’d like you to send me your Settings.ini by email and I’ll inspect what it’s returning and what changes in code there needs to be made. My email is [EMAIL=“”]

I’m running xampp atm, i send you the settings by mail.

just a shot in the dark, but any hints on what you’ll be implementing in next version? or will you just be porting to UE 4.19

Port to 4.19 and a bugfix in chat message deserialization on the client side.
If the server sent two messages instantaneously (e.g. two whispers happening at the same time), the client was merging the two messages into one and the product of that merge was some gibberish. Also, there was a message length limitation of 256 characters that now doesn’t exist. I’m working on the port, it should be ready tomorrow.

4.19 is out on Sellfy.

If you’re going to port yourself:

  • open TargetText umg, find the branch with a comment “is visible on the screen if nothing blocks it” and add additional checks: screenlocation must be more than 0 and less than viewport size. Epic change something in the “convert world location to screen location” node.
    (or just replace the TargetText file)
  • replace ChatConnect.h and ChatConnect.cpp with the ones that come with the 4.19 version.
  • replace the LookAt bp with the one from the 4.19 version
  • If you’re getting the following error on startup: “Warning: SpawnActor failed because no class was specified”, that’s because no HUD class is assigned in gamemode. Assign some empty HUD class.

Do you mind saying what functions changed in the ChatConnect.cpp/h ? I have mine very modified already… been looking for a while but could only find one thing different on the .cpp function “SendData”…


Sent you a PM with the diff.

Thanks for the update Codespartan!

Any reason why the server back end wouldn’t work with mobile? I understand the UI and controls would need to be changed.

None that I can see.

A suggestion for future release or is it planned already… what would be handy and I’m trying to figure a way of implementing it, and that is admin/gm toolset menu in game. To teleport a player, give item, spawn actors ect… could I use the role column in database and create a value e.g. admin. And the in the blueprint set a bool is admin linked the database, then if true load the custom menu??