MMO Starter Kit

Awesome, thank you for the heads up on that. I will square that away.

Hey i got a problem i did buy the product for some month ago but i dont remember my sellfy account mail soo could i get it on my new account i got prove i have buy it from you

You have to remember your email, I can’t verify who made a purchase without the email.

Found a issue with the quests if you complete the quest and just kit complete without selecting a reward you get nothing from the quest is there a way to make the quest uncompleteable without selecting a reward ? This happens on all quests

Great kit CodeSpartan, how many connections can the server hold?

Thanks for the report, I’ll try to fix this in the next version.

~150 like in most mmos (that is 150 per area).

I’ve not know any mmos to have 150 people in one area

Is that Unreals default? You haven’t modified the engine to allow for that amount have you? The only netcode you have changed is for the chat server right? If I have this correct the way Unreal replicates is to everyone on that map even if they are across the other side of the map and you cannot see them?

Hi everyone,

I bought this package today :slight_smile:



No worries man


Just a hello from a happy new MMO kit buyer !!

@CodeSpartan, you save my life and especially so much development time! :cool:

I was a little “scared” at the thought of using Photon.

Just a question, there is any (automatic) way to be kept informed of the new release of the kit?

Have nive day everyone ! :smiley:


When a new ue4 version comes out, it usually takes a week or two for a new kit version to come out.

Whether it’s 100 or 150 depends on your gameplay of course. Fortnite’s gameplay allows 100. Maybe your MMO’s gameplay would allow more. Depends.

I’ve not modified the engine, no.
All actors have a variable called “Net Cull Distance Squared”, it’s a distance after which they don’t get replicated to others.

Setting up the launcher is not working when i login with admin and 123456 its not working. please help…

Open index.php and find line 41 that says private $allowRegistration = FALSE;
Change FALSE to TRUE and this will allow you to register a new account.

PDO database connection problem: could not find driver

Local it works but on my vps it doesnt

You need to have a module called pdo_mysql enabled in php settings.

this is something I’m trying to figure myself, i realise the post is outdated and changes would have been made. but where is the JSONRequests blueprint in the current version, i cant seem to find it

The blueprint is MMOPlayerState, the method is still OnGetCharacterResponse.

The launcher GameUploader is not creating the hash.xml file… the only thing works is placing a self made hash.xml file into the launcher folder but thats not how it works right?

  1. uploader downloads hash.xml to compare local version with the one on server, temporarily stores it as oldHash.xml
  2. uploader uploads new hash.xml to newupdate/hash.xml on server along with update files
  3. php deployer copies newupdate/hash.xml to root folder during deployment
  4. launcher downloads it, calling it locally serverHash.xml. It compares serverHash.xml to localHash.xml (that might not exist if it’s being launched for the first time). After update is complete, serverHash.xml is kept as localHash.xml

More or less.

Question about answer 1. “uploader downloads hash.xml” which hash.xml do you mean? the one from your ftp? because at start you have no hash.xml right?