MMO Starter Kit

Thanks for the suggestion.

Also, the way you describe it is the correct way to implement it and if you have any questions regarding it, feel free to ask.

*I am very interested in this project. Is it still being updated and maintained? Is it compatible with the latest UE4?

Thank You.*

Looks like you still are and its updated. Would you recommend someone start a new project inside this MMO Kit and then expand on it? I have been toying for years but I feel its time to hunker down and start fleshing this game idea out, so I have a blank space to work with.

For those that are interested, I have created a Docker Image that contains all the MMOKIT DB Structure and PHP files on it. I will gladly share the Docker Compose file if you are interested. It is basically a LEMP server (MySQL, PHP, and NGINX on Linux).

Thank you qDelpeche

@CodeSpartan what is the license for this product?

I purchase it back then in its early phase and kind of liked how easy it was to set up.

Oh and is it possible to get the version for 4.14.3?

How come this isnt on the Asset Store? I don’t feel comfortable using PayPal and some random site.


I bought the MMO kit a long time ago. I have never had an issue with getting the kit, nor when updates come out, I have had no troubles getting those either. I to was skeptical to use Selfy as I had never used it before. But, I have no complaints over how I got the kit, how I get updates or anything.

I hope you decide to get the kit. If you do, Welcome to the club.



can someone show me the license? I cannot see it anywhere in the download.

Hey all,
With all the changes for networking due to fortnite, do we need some change to make it work or to optimize this marvelous starter kit on 4.19?

Hi, I’ve Purchased the MMO Starter Kit, and I’m very pleased with it so far! I am actually trying to integrate another inventory kit I have purchased, Is there any way to cleanly remove the inventory system we have in the kit so I can merge my other inventory system in?

The Inventory System I am Trying to Implement. ^ Has all Server/Client functions included.

LogVaRest: Response (200):

Name,why? UE4 4.19

The license is the same as for UE4 Marketplace. You can use the asset to make games, but you can’t resell the asset.
I’ll include it in the next version.

As for 4.14.3 - sure, I keep all versions. Send me an email to codespartan.supp at

I think a couple of people on the Discord channel did it, you could ask there. There’s no way to remove the inventory system in one click, no. But ultimately, the inventory is just an array that you can remove and then see what fails after that, and fix the problems one by one.

The changes are transparent and don’t require any architectural changes in the projects. From what I understand, either 4.20 or 4.21 is going to bring back a really important change (that used to be on by default by the way). Right now, when the server multicasts an event, a channel gets forcibly open and replication occurs even for net-culled actors, which forces all clients to create these actors, and only variable replication is skipped for them. This is very unoptimized if you rely on multicasts. The 4.20 or 4.21 update should fix this.

In the script that returns this, add JSON_UNESCAPED_UNICODE parameter to the json_encode() method.
For example: echo json_encode(array(‘status’=>‘OK’, ‘characters’=>$chararray), JSON_UNESCAPED_UNICODE);

WorldItem, disappear, Why?

they disappear from the game after the server has been running for a while

UE4 4.19

OK Good!

Do you mean they disappear from the game after the server has been running for a while? If so, check WorldItem’s Initial Life Span default value, it should be zero. Also, check if you’re not setting it in the Dropitem method in MMOPlayerCharacter.

Greetings fine folk of the Unreal Forums. I’ve gotten everything to work so far expect one simple thing. the whole uploader\launcher thingy. i’m always getting connection errors but they are really vague. i wonder if there are any helpful people in here who could send me a pic of just how in the world you have set it up?

I hope.

Nevermind! Found a post by someone else here regarding the same subject and it seems it has been forgotten to write about a zip file in the documentation! it works :smiley:

Glad you figured it out. I could update the documentation if you describe the problem and how it gets fixed.

Where are my online manners, i forgot to explain the problem:eek:

there seems to be 2 issues with the launcher, that i’ve experienced at least!

The first run it does not generate an .XML file in the FTP folder that has the deployment files. To make it work i have to take the .XML file that was generated in the belonging temp folder and upload it to the server!

it seems to require a .ZIP file of the game (ex. on the FTP server, placed in the folder of the deployer.

this is what it has seemed i have to do, to have an functional launcher. After the initial complete upload everything is fine and dandy! No problem updating files or even remove them all.

If this is 100% accurate i’m not sure but i think thats the way it went. I’ll make a note of it if\when i fiddle with it the next time.

Also, maybe you could create some light documentation on how to customize the launcher itself? nothing fancy, links to relevant information is always helpful!
I’ve tried digging through the code today but seeing as even visual studio is alien to me i feel powerless :frowning:

Now, i gotta trow in a little praise here: This is a good kit for sure! When even a nutjob like me can have an functional online experience backed up by a database, i mean. that’s pretty awesome in it self! I’ve learned so much in setting this project!

Lok ol buddy… I have to agree with you. This kit is the Bee’s Knees! I have said it more times than I can count… You put a little time in this kit and BLAMMO! AWESOMENESS HAPPENS!! Well worth the money I SPENT ON IT.

I don’t have a project going at this moment, but, I still follow this thread to try and keep up with what is happening.

(Bows to CodeSpartan.!!) Thank you again bubba for making this kit, and all the help you have given me over the years.



could you be a darling and tell me your procedure for extracting the chat portion of the kit?

also, does anyone know if i can run a matinee sequence on the login screen?