MMO Starter Kit

i’m using VS 2015 with update 3. Without update 3 i can’t build the project.

What is this update? where can I download it?

Heya CodeSpartan!

I just started something on a fresh copy of the 4.17 port, but haven’t gotten far into it yet and here is 4.18 version of the engine. I was just wondering, when you get around to porting to 4.18, will it just be a port of the same stuff, or will it have new content or fixes. Just curious cause if you plan on just porting I am going to continue, but if you are planning on some new content or moving parts I might just put it on the back burner until the 4.18 version.

Thanks ahead of time!


Not planning any new features AT this moment, so 4.18 will be a straight port.

However, I’m working on a certain MMO project, so when the time comes to code some mechanics that are mostly game-agnostic, such as a map, a minimap, or crafting for example, some of those features might just make it into the MMO Kit in a simplified form. IF this happens, won’t be soon.

I’m also working on a certain asset that could be very useful for any MMO, and so I’ll probably have to make some kind of integration guide for the MMO Kit. ETA on it: q1 2018.

Also about to release an asset on the MP in a few weeks, but it won’t have anything to do with MMOs unfortunately. I’m just mentioning it so you don’t think it’s this one I was talking about in the previous paragraph.

Interesting comment, to say the least.

Is this “certain MMO project” public? Can you drop a link or an identifying hint?

What is the nature of the “certain asset”? Is it database related?

What’s the new asset for the MP? Surely you can fill us in on that?

Sweet! Thanks for the reply. I will keep on as I am then. I look forward to seeing this new asset you are working on next year, if it’s up to your usual quality standard and you have it easy to integrate into the mmo kit, I will definitely be interested.

Good luck on your current project!

Asset making is a very competitive field, so I’d have to say no.

Until an official announcement is made, I can’t.

Am just curious , has anyone created something good with this tool ? , i remember a while back i saw some one working on an isometric game with this tool .
Been trying to go through the pages to find it .

4.18 port is available for download.

Thanks CodeSpartan! :cool:

Getting update now.

Hello Everyone,

Its been a while since i messed with this kit but i absolutely love it. I am having an issue connecting to my dedicated server from an outside source over the net. I have friend who downloaded my clients and nobody can connect. I have 0 issues connecting to it over the lan from a client pc to dedicated server.

I use a dns service to link to my public IP since it changes on its own. Ive used this dns for many years and for many types of servers and never had an issue connecting.
I port foward 7777-7790 just incase because the -log on the client keeps saying trying to connect on 7790, also fowarded 3457, 80, 443
My dedicated server has a static internal IP
Dedicated Server Has Ports and Server.exe allowed through firewall
Inside MMOINSTANCE blueprint Hostname is set to http://mydns.mydns.mydns/xampp/MMORPG
MMOGETSERVER.PHP is set to Dedicated Servers internal static IP

All outside of lan clients trying to connect to my dedicated server can launch the client, register an account and make a character. I check the database on the server and i can see their account and the characters they make. But when they click connect to load into the world, it does not connect, it times out. In the -log for the server it does not show an attempt to connect, its a dead short. When I try to connect over my lan with the exact same client, it connects right up, no issues.

I have gone all the way to the point of turning off router and server firewalls and changing the DNS entry in MMOINSTANCE to the exact IP, cooked, and tried with still no connection.

These are of course cooked clients and server with the 4.18 compiled source through UnrealFrontEnd. No Issues at all. Again, connecting through the LAN works 100% flawless and fast. Its just connecting from the outside that is the problem.

I also called my ISP just to verify there is nothing they are blocking, they assured me everything is allowed. Which again, i have hosted other game servers with no issues. Plus their modem/router is bridged and i handle all the connections via my router.

Any ideas?

I am thinking its somewhere in a php or ini file or a setting that isnt listed somewhere or that i over looked, i dunno, ive re-read and tried everything i can think of to get this to work.

Thanks for the help and info!!!

EDIT::::: MMOGETSERVER.PHP is set to Dedicated Servers internal static IP ::::: IS THE PROBLEM!!! It must be the external public IP and it seems to only work with an IP address. It would not work with a DNS address :frowning: Wish it would do both.

Hi there . Im no expert but cant you solve the issue by using DDNS Static IP providers like noip or dyn? What they do is give you an external static IP and track your / direct your routers dynamic IP to said static one. Which means no matter how many times your dynamic IP changes all your data will be directed to static IP which they provide

I normally use a DNS service that gives you a address that links to your dynamic changing IP. But it would not work when I used it. I had to use the actual ###.###.###.### public IP address of my connection. I dont know if its in the way the project is setup? Maybe to only accept an IP sequence value of #.#.#.# address. If it is something in the blueprints or somewhere, I am sure it could be fixed. It would be nice if it was allowed to use a web address.
NoIP and DynDNS are the same type of service I use. You create a and that links to your public IP via a program usually. then it constantly updates your public IP incase of a change so the tunnel stays working.

Configured… I ran into the same issue some months back. I shelved my project and never found a workaround. Darkkitten posted once that he uses DynDNS and wrote something to use it. Maybe pm him or maybe he will tell us here how he worked around it,. He did post that if anyone asked he would be happy to help. Since I am just picking this up again. I am really looking forward to seeing how it goes.

Hello landlord ,how the efficiency of this suite, how many people can support the same time to play

1,Creating a session on Dedicated Server,the game client Join,how to do

2,Server and client display UI same,how to set

I was wondering if it works on world composition?
I was not sure where i read it, but somewhere, someone said it wont work with world composition.

And if i buy this i need to implement the mmo-kit into an existing project, can we just migrate the things we need, or do we need to migrate all of it. or do we need to bring our project into the mmo-kit?

Have maybe anyone an Guide how to add Character Creator from the Marketplace?
And how to add Vehicle?

@ Neomodain, did you finally do a tutorial on how to implement ARPGIS into MMO kit? Nice job with your tutorials… Too bad i havent seen one on your YT channel about ARPGIS (even if some old post on this forum was saying that you were working on it, but that post was like a year ago lol).

Anyone else has that kind of link to share?

Maybe its easier to implement MMO kit into the ARPGIS…??

Some minor tweaks and changes in the MMO Kit 1.13

  • Fixed: Couldn’t turn in two of the three quests.
  • Fixed: Couldn’t invite players to party if they’re not in a clan.
  • Added: Client target for the cooking process (distributing WindowsNoEditor to players is wrong, as it includes server code). The documentation reflects the changes, and the launcher now launchers an .exe with a different name.
  • Changed: MyChracter used to be the parent class for AICharacter, but MyCharacter had player controls. The new diagram (displayed below) for inheritance can be found in the documentation.
  • Added: the new mannequin, for aesthetics. Epic’s old mannequin from 2014 was getting really old.
  • All additional tools were moved to the project’s root folder.