MMO Starter Kit

You probably just have to set the rotation and location of the Head mesh to zero in “ModularPlayerCharacter”

Is this still alive? It is updated to 4.9. It should be. I am considering purchasing it and I hope it still is being developed and supported.
I downloaded the launcher and it is stuck in “Deleting temp files” and PLAY button is disabled. I started it as Admin. But still not able to test it…

EDIT: After seing the dates and reading previous posts I am guessing it is being fixed for the 4.9.1


4.9.2 was just released!

You can host Unreal dedicated servers on any VPS, as well as on your own home PC. Personally, I use Softlayer. I chose it because they have 24/7 chat support and Path of Exile hosts there :slight_smile:

Answered you in PM.

This is very much alive and I release updates simultaneously with the official builds. The last update was for 4.9, so the next one will be for 4.10. The hotfixes (4.9.1, 4.9.2) are usually tiny and don’t require any extra updates to work with the kit.

I suppose you could rewrite the php scripts, but it’ll take some time. Personally, if they were in a language I’m not familiar with (for me it’s python), I’d still leave them as is and learn to read them. There’s no complex stuff there. If you do choose to rewrite them, make sure you find a good alternative to php 5 password hashing in your language of choice.

Aparently I was experiencing a weird Win7 Professional (64) + 4K monitor scaling issue that was easily resolved by fantastic supportive CodeSpartan over a quick Team Viewer session.

I just installed 4.9.2 and initial tests seem to be working just fine too!

Amazing to be able to work on gameplay and worldbuilding while the hard part (for me) networking is taken care of.

Thanks again CodeSpartan!

Any way to get it for free? Would do nearly anything. I’m in learning phase and can’t efford 95$

I did not really find the Demo so useful and haven’t even looked at it for quite a while. I just started by digging around in the actual project and learning how its blueprints work, especially the character and JsonRequests and UI widget blueprints. The main thing that takes some understanding is what’s going on between the JsonRequests blueprint, the PHP files, and the .sql database. Apart from cosmetic art changes, you can’t add or modify much until you figure out how those are working together.

If you want to know if the product is worth buying, look at the youtube video. I think it is very nice.

Sonny, I am sorry to hear that the money for the kit is difficult to come by. I to found it to be a stretch to buy the kit. But, I looked at it three ways before I got the kit.

  1. All of the time, and money it would save me. I don’t program, and I have little artistic skills. But, I have a dream. After looking at what the MMO kit did for me, and how much it would save me… I was taking bids from programmers to build from scratch what the kit mostly provided. And I saw the bids… vs the kit price. I had been saving money for those bids. And had an Auto bill come due that took a lot of it. But, the kit was going to save me hundreds of dollars to accomplish what I was trying to do… All I have to do it pay to have pieces modded now.

  2. I looked at what I was trying to do. (Build a game for my Kids, and their friends to be able to log into and play.) Because of the time it took me to save the money and let me start taking bids, I had some idea of what my dream was going to cost. I still find the parts that I need to accomplish what I want to do is going to cost money and I had to look at what that cost is and decide if my dream is worth the money I spent.

  3. Last thing, after I spent the money, I found that not only can I log into a game, and begin to mod the terrain and see my dream start to evolve, and see my kids excitement grow, and hear them talk to their friends about what Dad is doing. (I wish you could hear dinner time at my place. When the kids come over, they have questions, and we talk about ideas for the game. ) And, I found that Codespartan has been 1,000% above and beyond in helping me learn the pieces I have about the kit. NO extra money, his/her (Not sure if Code is male or female, I call him bubba in chat.) time has been spent in helping me even after the I had purchased his work.

Codespartan has even said earlier that anyone could build what he has done by studying the VArest by Unfa (I think is the name, Unfa’s name is in the credits if you care.)

My advice comes as follows:

Easy path: Save your money. Buy the kit. Keep learning UE 4 as you save.

More difficult path: Read this thread… gather the resources that have been talked about, and teach yourself to create something like the kit.

Both have advantages. But, to IMHO: If you can’t afford the kit… how do you see making a game for less than 95 dollars? Complaining about something “not being free” is really not fair. You have a dream, YOU need to reach for it, not ask for others to hand you your dream for nothing.

ReReading this it sounds harsher than I intend. It is not my intent to hammer you. But, hopefully, you will see I am just sharing my journey, and hope you might look at your journey, and see what I am trying to drive at.


–Edit: My fault, I had a capital character in my URL from when I moved my PHP over to SiteGround. Sorry –

First of all, awesome kit, you have saved me valuable time!

I am having an issue with user registration. When I go to register, I enter the required information and click register, it just clears out my password and does nothing. Taking a look at the User table, there is nothing there. If I manually create an entry in this table, and then try to register a user with the same name it give ma an error, so I know it can read from the DB. I am guessing there is an issue with writing to the DB for some reason. I know the account I am using has write access and I can log in with navicat and write to the tables with it.

Sort of stumped. I have searched this post and cant find/don’t see/missed anyone who has had this problem, sorry if I missed a post on this.

Anyone have any ideas?

DB hosted on network solutions MySQL
PHP hosted on SiteGround Current PHP version:


Rob, I have run into that a number of times… as a matter of fact… I have had so many troubles… (All of my own creation… no KIT issues.) I don’t remember the fix…

So, I would start off with my first test… IN setting up the database section of the tut…

Check this… (Step 5)


If it says {“status”:“Login information is incorrect. Check your username and password.”} this means the script is working fine, good job!

If it says Connection failed or Access denied, double-check the database connection info that you filled in step 2 **… I believe I found it is case sensitive … so, I had issues with it.

**If that idea doesn’t pan out… maybe Code Spartan or someone else can chip in.

Just a quick question what if I’m wanting to setup a moba with your mmo starter kit? Will that work? As I will be wanting to use a login/register system with stat saving so really your kid will work perfectly as far as I can see, setup a auto-find lobby and limit team sizes etc.

Also would you be able to keep your first post up-to-date in terms of the tests you have ran like amount of resources used on your real world stress test, just thinking so we dont have to search for this stuff or post questions that have already been answered in here :slight_smile:

Glad you figured it out. :slight_smile: You can also add me on Skype (CodeSpartan) for quicker support.

For a MOBA you will probably want to dynamically launch and close server instances. I have instancing planned but it’s not in the kit at the moment. You could modify the C# socket chat server source code (that is included with the kit) to auto-launch instances. The FAQ section of the user guide has a little more info.

The first post has a link to the stress test info. Also, there’s a FAQ section in the user guide, and it has gotten really huge, it wouldn’t make sense to add it all to the first post :slight_smile:

Of course you know I just had to Google your game. Didn’t find. Sad. :frowning:

There is a reason for that. I am trying to build something for my kids and their friends to play. :slight_smile: The only reason I posted the launcher was to show, that even I a guy with no programming skills, or art skills… was able to do something nice with the launcher AND Codespartans help.

I’ve been tinkering with the inventory in my project to make it bigger using a scoller. Not so easy as it sounds, but getting there.


Very cool man… very cool…

I am thinking of getting this kit but I have a question I’d like to ask first. It might be something easy, but I am limited in my experience. How difficult would it be to create a character with a different combat system (attacks using mouse buttons, different damage system and animations), and “plug” it in to this kit? I read the online documentation and it explains how to modify the player character, I tried this in a test 3rd person starter project but the first thing it asked me to do was “Create a blueprint based on this” which is disabled and can’t be used. In essence I have a character all setup and want to use it in this kit.
Thanks in advance for any reply’s.


As someone who had nothing to do with coding or gamemaking 6 months before, I can tell you that its certainly possible :smiley:
BUT the way you wrote the marked part in the quote sounds to me that you dont really know what youre doing.
If you have a character already setup by yourself you should be capable to implement it into the Kit.

You can customize everything. I just implemented Kubolds 1hSwordAnimset with 8 DirectionalAttacks steered by the mouseDirection.

Screen of my project

In my case it wasnt that hard i could reuse many parts of my singleplayer project.
But you have to invest the time to look through the Kits Blueprints and try to understand them. :wink:

Hi I have some questions before purchasing.

I want to use the tool to make a coop action rpg similar to diablo or borderlands.

Could I replace the dedicated server with p2p and how easy would it be? Where would be the best place to store the mysql database if I choose to do this or would web hosting be the best?

I also presume I can change the gameplay into a shooter via my own blueprints?


I don’t have a lot of experience with p2p servers, I guess ideally you would want to use Steam matchmaking, but I’m not sure if you can test it while your game is not yet Greenlit. The mysql part would be the same as in the kit, as games like Diablo 3 store the characters on the server. Web hosting would work fine for the db.

Yes, as long as you know how to make the gameplay that you want in a single player project, it shouldn’t be hard to add it to the kit.

I have to agree with Minaosis, it looks like you need some more experience with UE4 before this project could be useful to you. Once you are confident that you can create the controls that you want in a clean project from scratch, then you could start looking into more complex stuff like networking (and that’s where MMO Kit could be helpful). The user guide has a section called “Orienting in blueprints” that can help you find the existing controls and disable/remove them.