MMO Starter Kit

I don’t recommend either overwriting the old project or migrating the new one into the old one. You should unpack the new project to a separate folder, only then it’s guaranteed to work correctly. Same as with the official templates.

Have you seen DataSphere’s Character Creator?

Since he has published it as a free resource through blueprints, could there perhaps be any plans to integrate it within your MMO kit?

Thank you for posting that link Datapawwolf… I have been watching the Youtube he posted… I can’t wait to get my programmer buddy to get this merged into CS’s Kit…

Thank you… and CS… Thank you for the kit.

Hi Codespartan
Great Pack by the way,

I am wondering if there is any easy to use, information on how to make the modular character? do you guys have any links or tutorials that you use for breaking your own character down into modules… I am a programer and not very good with 3d tools.
Please point me in thr right direction


First off I have to say that this is a really good kit. I am looking forward to see where this is going.

Over to the issue.
I have set up a Windows Server 2008 r2 with apache, php and mysql.

myphpversion.php reports:
Current PHP version: 5.6.10

but then I head over to the mmologin.php and it gives me this:
Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in D:\www\mmo\mmologin.php on line 7

Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in D:\www\mmo\mmologin.php on line 8
{“status”:“Login information is incorrect. Check your username and password.”}

I have not modified the php files and when I tested this on a different server, it did not give me the first 2 lines. What could be the issue in this case?

The message is only a Notice. So I think you can disable it by setting error reporting OFF in php.ini file. But that will simply hide the Notice, but if there is something wrong in code it wont fix that. Make sure you have database… setup correctly.

Thank you mindfane.

Will this affect the kit in any way if I don’t disable the error reporting?

The database is correctly set up, I am able to register, make character but I still have a little issue when I log in. I guess I will find the solution to that issue when digging more in the MMO starter kit documentation. :slight_smile:

I have not looked at this particular kit; but from my experience with PHP, disabling the error reporting is recommended. Otherwise the internal workings and vulnerabilities of your server will be exposed to users. Ideally you should disable all error reporting and ask php to write those to log files instead. Error reporting is useful in local environment for easier debugging however.

In your case, the Notice text generated by PHP is causing invalid JSON string. It is better if the output from PHP contain only things you explicitly print out. Especially when the output in in XML or JSON format as the php generated messages will break the validity of the output.

That is true. I will have a look at the php config file an see if I can get a clean message. But that will have to wait until later.
Thank you very much for the help so far. :slight_smile:

[EDIT and a later update]
Got all up and running at this point.
I had to re-install php to remove the notice message and be able to config the php.ini correctly.

Thanks for posting this, it looks nice indeed!

I will investigate it further, but it shouldn’t be difficult to integrate it yourself. You would have to place the character in the start menu map, allow to tweak it just like in the author’s example and add appearance fields to the database and the php scripts (mmo kit guide has a section on that).

mindfane was right, you have to disable the notice. Actually, on my webserver they are disabled by default. I’ll try enable them so I can fix those notice-related errors for the next build. But for now, just leave it disabled, it’s ok. :slight_smile:

Thank you CodeSpartan for replying.

I did disable them from displaying and I also did as mindfane mentioned. Outputing the messages to a file. It works great now. :slight_smile:

And thank you again for an awesome kit.

Love the updates you have been pumping out, I cant say it enough times how much I love and value this project

Any chance you can implement projectiles/traces for spells & better melee? Even if its basic, it would be nice to see how I could begin to tie in everything, then I can extend them once the basic multiplayer functionality is there.
And if so, would it be possible to do both auto-targeted ones (like in WoW) but also free aim?

I plan to add some example abilities/spells in the next build, however it’s not difficult to add them yourself.

Regarding a no-target combat system, I get this question often, so I’ve added this to the guide today:

Thanks for the information on a no-target system. Again, exactly why I am looking for! :smiley: When I have more moolah to spend and a better idea of my project requirements I will strongly consider buying your kit. ^-^

Is there a way to add instanced-based areas, for example, a “group dungeon”? If so, what would be a good strategy in order to set that up?

In other news, forgive the ignorance, however, I downloaded the Nvidia branch, switched versions to that branch, I’m getting a few errors:

When I attempt to open the .uproject from the launcher, I get this error:

Any ideas?

Anyone tried integrating either of these blueprints from the marketplace?
Character Attribute System
Spell Cast System

Just wondering how suitable (and difficult) it might be. I think a spell cast system needs to be designed with MMOs in mind because network and graphics performance could become an issue when scaling to hundreds of players if not implemented optimally.

^ I believe spartan said hes working on a spell casting system for the next update
As for the attribute system Im not exactly sure how to go about that, would be nice to have that as well for displaying stats mayb just a few examples linked to the persistent database

There’s a section in the FAQ that describes how I’d do regular server travel. For instanced zones, you would use the same principle but launch the server instances dynamically (you could extend chat socket server source code to do that). The game server could send a command to the socket server and the latter would launch the required zone instance using the next available port and send back the port number. The port number is then sent to the players via blueprint so they can connect to the new instance. I plan to add regular zone/server travel in the next update by the way.

I’m not familiar with Nvidia branch, looks like it is different from the release/4.8 branch, you could try asking that on the AnswerHub but I recommend waiting until that branch is in sync with the release one.

The first MMO built using MMO Starter Kit hits Greenlight! :slight_smile:

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Video (best watched in 1080p):


Dude…DOOOOOODE. This looks way better then The Repop. I voted.

Can I ask this though. Was that truly created solely with the MMO starter kit?