MMO Starter Kit

i just tested your demo and i have few suggestion

1 - add character creator screen same as this link ( )
2 - fix the chat Unicode problem it wont support Arabic you can try with this word ( تجربه )
3 - when i fall down no damage taken also when i jump to water it wont swim
4 - Pressing ( TAB ) to switch between 15 meter targets
5 - auto rotate to fight the target
6 - make new NPC enemy that auto attack when you get 5 meter near them

these would make your source very powerful


i just tested your demo and i have few suggestion

1 - add character creator screen same as this link ( )
2 - fix the chat Unicode problem it wont support Arabic you can try with this word ( تجربه )
3 - when i fall down no damage taken also when i jump to water it wont swim

these would make your source very powerful

i will buy this in 2 weeks still learning about UE4

Could you link me this info please?

Thanks for the suggestions, several of them was already on my ‘planned’ list. :slight_smile: They are not hard to implement yourself though, especially p.4, p.3, p.5.

Good news - the main issue I had with 4.8 has been fixed internally and the fix will most likely be in 4.8.1 hotfix: Game crashes on start - UE4 AnswerHub

That thread is not by a staff member. On the official page ( it still says that code assets will be accepted later. Personally, I’m fine with selling on Sellfy for now.

is there any update on your starter kit? :slight_smile:

Hi xh20s,

The update containing quests is ready, I’m waiting for 4.8.1 hotfix to release it (because of [4.8] Assertion failed Result->LinkerLoad - UE4 AnswerHub )

An Epic dev responded in the thread :stuck_out_tongue:

Currently,it seems that Epic is still beta-testing the entire plugin feature of the marketplace (see the Substance Plugin) to make sure it works, however, in some of the Twitch videos, they have stated that plugins and C++ will be coming to the launcher during the 4.8 cycle.

I just had to buy this, now i gota get it going :slight_smile:

4.8.1 just hit :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads-up just updated the engine! now to toss this page onto my tv screen and set a auto-refresh to see when this kit gets updated :cool:

I cannot get past the login screen. After I register it just goes back to the Login page, and when I login, it just tells me that I logged in. Any suggestions

I can’t get past the Login page, I can register successful, but not character screen comes up. Just takes me back to the login page where I can login, but it then just says ‘Login successful’. Any idea what I am missing?

Second problem I get when packaging the game: cannot open input file ‘F:\Program Files\Epic Games\4.7\Engine\Binaries\Win64\UE4Game-Redist-JsonUtilities.lib’

Checking this forum every 10 mins for the update…

CodeSpartan do you have a basic idea of when you will bring out the new version?
I am holding off doing to much work on the old package that I bought a day ago as it will make my migration easier to do it in 1 hit.

Everyone reading the forum, This package is brilliant and has helped my tiny team along months.
Thanks CodeSpartan another happy customer.:cool:

Hi CodeSpartan. Do you have any plans to get this into the Marketplace? I am interested in purchasing your package, but I am hesitant in going through 3rd party markets, as I would rather have the surety - so to speak - of content hosted in the Marketplace of the engine that this is so specific to, especially since it is blueprint-based.

Also, I would like to create a roguelike game based on combat that takes place on a more real-time scale, similar to Dark Souls in that players will have two hand slots to equip items, two different mechanics for each item equipped (so for example, a shield can block by holding down the right mouse button, and a click will instead launch a shield-bash of sorts), and area/collision-based combat rather than target-based combat as it seems your kit follows. I suppose an extremely simplified version of Diablo 3 and procedural dungeons is the best way to put it, but in MMO form.

I would also like to know how you handle instancing and moving between areas. So if I were to suddenly spawn a door to an instanced and randomized dungeon, would that work well with your current structure? Or would that take some modifications to the server side to get that working?

I realize that creating something different than what you have out of the box may take a considerable amount of time, but I am greatly interested in purchasing your kit to save time and development costs.


1.2 Release Notes

The new update is now live on the demo server! I plan to upload the public build to Sellfy tomorrow, meanwhile you can log in and check out the new features. :slight_smile:

Release Notes

Quest system

Quest-giving NPCs can be placed in the world, offering quests to the player. Each quest can have several tasks. There are “talk to”, “kill x enemies of certain type” and “bring x items” tasks available.

Health regeneration

Regenerates a portion of health every x seconds if out of combat.

Chat /unstuck command

Use it when the character walks off the edge of the map, etc to teleport to the starting location. Removes the need of manually fixing the character’s position in the database.


  • fixed item popups staying after inventory/equipment window was closed
  • removed T key triggering teleport (it was left in the build after some debugging)
  • fixed item popups flickering when the mouse was on them
  • fixed inventory bug where you couldn’t add items after 12 slot
  • fixed not being able to click on NPCs through your character

Nice, you are the man!

Killing it! Per usual, Keep it up CodeSpartan

Thank you, CodeSpartan, for creating this and releasing it. Looking forward to the 1.2 release.

As my obligatory suggestion/wishlist: I think a basic skill system and hotbar would be very well received.

For those who would like to “host” your PHP and MySQL locally (on the same PC you use Unreal Editor), you could try something like Laravel Homestead. It’s basically a virtual machine image for VirtualBox + Vagrant and it comes with PHP 5.6 and MySQL. It’s a bit of trouble to set up, though far less trouble than trying to install a virtual machine, operating system, PHP, etc. individually. It removes the need for finding (and potentially paying for) a web host.

If you’re having an issue where on the login screen you submit your username and password, the game returns a “logged in” message but cannot proceed further, it’s because a PHP error is being generated. I suggest adding this line to mmoconnection.php (because it is included in the other scripts):


Place it above this line:

$servername = ‘’;