MMO Starter Kit

Looks great, can’t wait!!

It’s because it uses 3rd party plugins (VaRest) and also c++ code. Currently the marketplace will not allow for C++ code changes (or plugins).


Hey man, fantastic work!

I’m just wondering if a first person view can be added? Is it possible? I’m fairly new to unreal engine and C++!


Here is another happy customer, just bought to learn how to make multiplayer with blueprint, codespartan was always there to help on skype, recommended.

Hi, you don’t need C++ for that but you do have to be familiar with blueprints and how to make a first person view in a single player game. You could take a look at Unreal’s FPS template project.

Hi CodeSpartan,

I have a question about your C++ part.
Do we need C++ code for the serveur connexion or we only need it’s for Varest ?
I have see code for the quality of items but for the other i can’t understand what the code do.

If we don’t use C++ with your project what will no more work ?


The project is about 95% blueprints, the C++ part is very small, but you can’t just remove it (why would you want to?) :slight_smile:

C++ is used for

  1. connecting to the chat socket server (SocketConnect, exposed to blueprints) and
  2. inventory item data assets ItemData and Equipment (since you can’t create a new data asset type from the editor).

There are also a couple of new blueprint nodes in MMOUtility function library.

Ok, Thx

so if i remove your inventory and equipment part for add an other, i will have somes problems for save them ?

i m trying to had an other system for inventory / equipment / Skills / HotBar who can have a link for show them in hotbar.

Has anyone had the problem of custom inventory icons showing as white squares in the inventory (after populating the item’s data asset)?

2015-05-17 17_00_12-CleanThirdPerson (64-bit, PCD3D_SM5).png

Hi, all inventory item icons should be placed in the same folder as the demo item icons (/Game/MMO/Textures), since they are loaded from that folder when the game starts. (UE4 doesn’t load textures which are not referenced automatically, and item icons are not referenced when the game starts)

If you want to change that folder, change this node in MMOPlayerController:28bf10b7ed055a758d485f66aba488b3892d2c7a.png

This was in the user guide, Troubleshooting section by the way. :slight_smile:

Oh cool, I didn’t see the troubleshooter info.

Nice to be able to set a custom folder for icons too.

What about the AI are they bots to fight with or is it multiplayer and every one is fighting with others :slight_smile:

You can see the example cleint and there are some mobs.

Will this require much work to get it working with a split screen setup on a local machine?

Do you also have any suggestions so to how to setup a web-server on my local machine? I’m sure I can find plenty of tutorials online, but maybe you had some suggestions. Maybe XAMPP?



To test network play on the local machine you can either:

a) test from the editor just like you can do with the official templates - this will let you test about 90% of the functionality
b) run a listen server + client(s) from the editor shortcut. Lets you test all of the functionality
c) run a dedicated server + client from the packaged game’s folder. Useful for the final testing before distributing the game to the users.

The user guide has instructions on how to run those configurations.

Regarding the webserver on your local machine - I haven’t tried that, web hosting is usually inexpensive and there even are free web hosting providers like x10 hosting.

Potentially looking at playing around with a small mmo creation, but based on 2d. Do you think this could be adapted to 2d? Interested in authentication, inventory, chat, etc… pretty much everything but 3d.

Just got my desktop. Waiting for my new power source to ship so I can run unreal without crashes every few minutes

Hey Codespartan. :slight_smile:

Since it looks like 4.8 is close. Do you have any teaser’s for us?

Can you tell you give us an idea after 4.8 comes out how long you think it will be before the update is available ?

I think 4.8 comes out next week. :smiley:

A teaser would be appreciated :slight_smile:

im relly excited by this ille be sure to look at the demo and then think seriously about this kit because it looks very helpfull, its not something im after right now but for were i want to go in the future with mobile mmo’s this would be a good thing to start with.