MMO Starter Kit

anyone here have work with GAS(UE4 Gameplay Ability System) i wanna ask for help integrating GAS into the kit and redo the code for ability here the thread i made 2 weeks ago

Update on modding the launcher. CS got back to me and said:

"[FONT=“Times New Roman”]You double click on Form1.cs and you should see everything in place "

I did that and it was as easy as pie to mod the launcher. Hope this helps someone else.


any word from codespartan on the release of the new chat? he mentioned releasing it when newest unreal version released.

I’ll have some news for you in a couple of days, I’m finishing up the 4.23 update and I stumbled on an engine bug. So I’m working on a work around, but it involves 4.23 functionality that isn’t documented for some reason, and nobody knows anything about it, so I’ll let you know in a few days how it’s going. If I can’t figure it out, I got some other ideas on how to circumvent the bug.

I stumbled upon even worse UE4 engine bugs that have to do with pure blueprint data assets.

I turned MMOKit into a pure blueprint project, but it looks like I’m going to have to revert a lot of changes, bring back a lot of C++ structs and data assets.

Anyway, the new chat server is guaranteed to be in.

Released 4.23 version.

  • New chat server - its source code is less obvious, so some code explanations were added at the end of MMOKit docs
  • Connection to chat server now relies on TCP plugin
  • Most C++ functionality was moved to BPs, except for DataAsset classes and associated structs/enums
  • Project was renamed from CleanThirdPerson to MMO :wink: (NB: Launcher’s ini file now points to a different executable)

When updating from one engine release to another is there an easy method to move the project? The last version change for us was from 4.21 to 4.22 and took us nearly a month of rebuilding the entire project. Any insight here would be appreciated.

Agreed. I have some BIG changes made to my kit too. CS used to post “here’s how to upgrade by hand…” in the past, but, I am betting that with the large changes to BP stuff… we’re gonna have to suck it up and redo stuff or live with the version we now have.

CS, Any chance of the “here’s how to upgrade by hand” coming out?


Well the obvious biggie here would be to move forward for the chat enhancements. but thats alot of work atm for one update.

Found a crash in the new chat server, try this if you’re already using it:

There’s really no need to reimplement your changes in the new mmo kit version every time, since the kit is a finished product and new versions don’t usually bring anything important (which was the case of 4.22) or don’t even bring anything new at all. So normally, you just stick to your version and upgrade the project to the new engine, which is usually very simple.

The 4.23 version is an exception in that regard, though you can still stick to your version, there’s nothing wrong with that. Especially if you weren’t experiencing issues with the previous chat server.

any plans to improving the existing systems?like any in general or future plan on adding new stuffs into the mmokit

has anyone setup click to move or auto move to target in the mmokit? i appreciate your input.

my programmer said that unreal takes more resources for click to move. and Unreal does not handle it well at this time.


Server packaged for Development, Client packaged for Shipping,Can work?

Hi CodeSpartan. I was directed here by the discord channel. I’m having an issue with the launcher/updater. I can upload all of the files/folders to my server correctly. When FTPing in I can see the 7z files and all of the folders stored into the /game folder after deploying. My issue (as far as I can tell) is that when I use the launcher to download the files it ONLY downloads the folders, no files. All directories are downloaded properly, but none of the zips.

Edit: I actually figured out this particular issue. When using a Windows server, I had to declare the .7z extension type in the MIME types as “application/x-zip-compressed”. I guess Windows servers by default block access to .exe, .dll, and many other extensions for file transfers/downloads by domain users. Creating this .7z MIME type allowed my launcher to actually reference these files and download them to their respective folders correctly.

Nice work Kryptex

Does this work on mobile?? Can you package this for Android an play it there? How hard is to create a mobile UI?

I need to know before buying. This looks exactly what I need right now.

Hello! Will there be a version for OSX?

What makes you think this doesn’t already work on macOS?

It’s been 4 days, I wonder if @CodeSpartan will answer?