MMO Starter Kit

We have 3 separate server arrangements. that particular one uses a host nested domain. our test server which we control 100% uses and we have an internal one all ip based. all 3 of them do the exact same thing. =/


OHOH… a long time ago… I was running a copy of the game files… and didn’t update for a few versions (of the PHP) files. CodeSpartan almost thru watermelon at me, because it took a while to Diagnose it.

Are you using the newest chat server folder from the kit ?

I know it seems like a DUH question. But, since I made that one error, I thought I might ask.


Um, come to think of it, I don’t know what version of the chat folder I AM running.

yes we are running the most current chat server from the 1.17 kit and fresh built source. i cannot say if we updated the php or not i will look into that directly. thanks for the pointer.

edit update: i checked the php scripts and they are all up to date with the kit. ofc we modified some of them and they have been checked against the newest php scripts and are correct. also our internal test system currently has the base kit installed and no firewalls between things. its as straight forward as it gets.

I have a older version of the chat server running. Have you tried an older version ?

the oldest i have is the 1.16 version.
i also wish to point out i have sent code spartan direct emails on sellfy, posted here and in the discord chat. to no avail. i believe he is like a unicorn or bigfoot. others claimed to have spotted him. but im still not convinced he exists.

I used to interact with him/her All the time… CS was active as hell. There was an issue a year ago… or more, and it seems like CS might have a real job now and less time to hang with us. Have you Skyped him/her? I have not tried that in forever… I also have ound that the Discord channel as a number of helpful blokes over there also. I am dry on ideas though. Sorry bud.


have anyone succesfully implement ue4 gameplay ability system into mmo starter kit?

I have not, BUT, I did just get implemented into the kit. I contacted a programmer from the MMOkit discord server and he wrangled CC into my game. If you need help getting UE 4 ability system hooked up. Posted a note in the Discord server or PM “Sprattstud” and let him know Tarly asked you to contact him. He also, got Quality game settings hooked up for me.

Next, I am going to ask him to Ad an “Easy BUTTON” for me. (joking, kinda) LOL…


ight i’ll try ask him

You want to modify the mmocreatecharacter.php and the Create Character Request function in UE4.
Then you receive character in PlayerState -> GetCharacterResponse on server

I don’t know if they made any headway with this since last time I had to work with steam api, but the way I did it last year - I modified the UE4 engine to add this stuff myself. It’s just a matter of exposing it.

I’ve rewritten the chat server almost from scratch for the next release, because it was getting buggy for some reason and I couldn’t see why.

The new version handles concurrency correctly (the old one did not). And it’s code that’s easier to read, I think. And the connection goes through this plugin…-socket-plugin
With it, you can serialize anything you want in blueprints – very easily.

Hopefully you’ll have better luck with this new version. I’ll release it when new UE4 version comes out.

HI Guys,

I seem to have had a brain fart… can someone give me a step by step on how to change the launcher logo (art by picture)? I did it once a very long time ago and can’t seem to recreate it.

I thought it was posted here. but, searching can up short.

Anyone ?

Thank! I already defeated this task and realized how it works.

After reading the 135 pages of the thread here, I found that to change the art of the launcher, you need to go to E:\Claws Holder Can\AdditionalTools\Launcher\Source\launcher and open the .sln file, go to assets and change the picture. But, the location does not see to be able to be changed. So, I took my new picture of art I want to use and named it background_image.png and I pasted it into the dir were the old background was. I built the file and found it in E:\Claws Holder Can\AdditionalTools\Launcher\Source\launcher\Launcher01\bin\Release\Launcher01.exe

when I launch it there is no new art. So, I copied the new .exe into the launcher folder and tried it there… same issue.

Could someone please shine a light on me and advise me as I am sitting here in the dark, puzzled.


I found that all the files in the aeest list have little yellow bangs no them. when I copied the background to the dir, that file lost the yellow bang. ??

Clifford, i too spent some time looking at this and here’s my take. it seems that since we have the compiled version of the launcher all the files are already embedded. what your seeing in the source is basically pointers to the files that codespartan used when he compiled the source. however they do not exist in the folder it points to(hence the yellow !). so essentially in order to recompile it you will need to add .png for each and every file prior to compiling. or at least that is how i interpret it. let me know if you sort this out as i would like to do the same and create a new launcher page.

Thank you very much MasterMike. I will ask CS if I can get a copy of the 12 missing png’s and see if I can make any headway.with it. I’ll post any progress here.
Thank you again for your input.


Clifford, no problem glad to assist. from what i can tell if you open the actual launcher you can see there are separate elements for each of the screen components. ie. minimize, close, play, progress bar background/foreground and the actual launcher pic. each of these elements will have a specific size and additionally a normal, hover and select pic as needed. so there will be 3 .png for the active components such as the minimize, close and play buttons. the biggest trick is going to be getting the correct sizes to make the layout look smooth. likely CS didn’t include them as he intended for us to create our own layout/size. i think i could work thru most of this except the progress bar as i am not certain how that should be laid out. i might give it a go this week and see if i can sort it. i’ll keep you posted.

Cool… I’d like to have what ever CS has… and then mod from there… working out the gate then modding is more my gig… I have the programmer guy… Incredible dude… I get into GitHub update, then mod stuff… looking for “My” look. Sometimes, I have HOSED up things. Ok, more than a few times, but, he unwinds my issues and we go on. He install QGWS in my game, and the Character Creator by CB productions… I can’t count how many times I hoped up the hub. I went with CB productions as it seemed CS’s cool toons were not compat with market place animations.
Once I have a few dollars in the can, I hope to get CS toons, and use them as NPC’s.

OK. I am rambling…Hoping CS might get back in touch with me before Wednesday.