Metallic Shaders compilation issue due to Xcode version in UE4 on Mac

I have a MacBook Air with OS High Sierra 10.13.3, UE version 4.18.3 and Xcode version 9.2.

When I launch UE4, I have this error popping up: “Xcode installed on this Mac is too old to be used for Metal shader compilation. Falling back to runtime compiled text shaders, which are slower. Please update to latest version of xcode for best performance.” and also I keep having the compiling window saying “Compiling shaders (3000/4000 ish)”.

I am not able to downgrade to the xcode version required and I have tried resetting the command line tools, as someone suggested online, but even if the xcode error is sometimes gone, I still have an impossibly high number of shaders compiling and none of my shaders working in the scene.

Anyone knows how to fix it?
Many thanks

Similar issue…

I am familiar with compiling large amount when opening a large project… My system that was running on Windows 10 was doing the job in no time! But my patience reached the limits of problems/stupidity that I can endure from Microsoft poor/unreliable OS, that is WIN 10 (and anything Microsoft have created before!). so I decide to transform my system into a Hackintosh. Now I am in Heaven… I reinstalled UE4 4.18 for Mac, and to my complete stupefaction and satisfaction, UE4 for Mac is exactly the same, except it is running on the most Reliable/powerful OS available on this planet !

but compiling shaders takes forever… Help me… I have spent enough money on UE4 (buying the hardware to be comfortable with UE4/photoshop/maya and 10 others app running at same time)

Please somebody help me… My system:

Asus motherboard H270Plus/csm
I7 7700k Unlocked and overclocked
48 Gb RamBoot and Storage: Samsung EVO 960x2 +Samsung EVO 850 + Raid (3x4Gb)
Nvidia GTX1080ti 11GB OC by Asus ROG

Running latest High Sierra version with all updates available applied… Xcode version 9.2 (9c40b) and UE4 4.18…

What was taking 10 minutes to compile before on Win 10… takes an hour on Mac OS ???