Metallic part of Material not affected by Skylight


I am currently trying to create a nice material to put on a sword, and for that I am playing around with the metallic-value.

Now my problem: The preview of the material looks just the way I want it to, absolutely fine. If however I put the sword in my scene, every part that is metallic suddenly looks much too dark.

for comparison:


Actual Scene

It seems that I have tracked it down to the Skylight:

While Changing the intensity of it affects everything else in the scene (Including the rest of the material!), it does not affect the metallic part of the sword, which makes it look dark.

  • I am using a fully dynamic lighting-setup including DFAO (Which the issue doesn’t seem to be caused by)

Am I missing something, or is this actually some kind of bug? If not, do you have an idea how I can fix it?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

  • HammelGammel

There were some fixes to Movable skylight specular on 7/31, maybe you don’t have those yet. That’s the only thing I can think of. Not sure which build that made it into, but it will definitely be in the upcoming 4.5 (along with a bunch of other DFAO improvements)

The 4.5 Preview fixed it :smiley:

Awesome update!