Metal shader too dark after 4.15


I’ve just updated from version 4.14 to version 4.15 and while my non-metals are almost ok, the same cannot be said for the metal ones: the update must have changed something in their shader because where in 4.14 I had a normal shader, in 4.15 I have a gun that is almost entirely black (and I’m working with the same exact scene).

Here you can see the 4.14 version

and here you can see the 4.15 one.

is there a way to correct this without remaking all the materials or should I just stick with 4.14?

Thanks for the help,

Matteo Dell’Acqua

We have the same issue Rendering issues after 4.15 (darkness) - Rendering - Epic Developer Community Forums

I can just confirm, I have same issue with my weapon. Strange it happens not after 4.15 installation, but day or two later. First time I add weapon to my 4.15 project it was brighter, now I have it darker, but not only metal, I see contrast is different on other materials too, but more visible on metal.

I just read again 4.15 release info, and it looks like a new “feature” - new HDR system. Well, hard to say it’s my favorite setting.

The filmic tonemapper will look different than the tonemapper in previous versions of the engine. You can switch the tonemapper back by adding r.TonemapperFilm=0 to the SystemSettings section of your project’s DefaultEngine.ini. We intend to remove the old tonemapper in a future version of the engine.

It’s works.

Thanks, that solved the problem but i hope that they won’t remove that function too soon