MetaHuman with VR settings crashes edtior with DepthStencilRenderTarget.DepthStencilTarget->GetNumSamples() == NumSamples

I made a project with UE5.0.3, imported my MetaHuman character from quixel bridge and set up the character so that I can use it with third person template blueprint. It worked fine, so I imported VR template with its rendering settings. Then, the editor crashed with ‘GPU Crashed or D3D Device Removed’. It crahes some time after I open the project, even if not in PIE.

I let the editor crash with a command line argument ‘-gpucrashdebugging’ and the log says DepthStencilRenderTarget.DepthStencilTarget->GetNumSamples() == NumSamples.
I searched for the error and The only thing I could find is that UE 4.25 preview fixed the crash with that error in forward rendering. So I guess it is about forward rendering but I am not sure if it is a bug heppening again with MetaHuman or I messed up some settings.

Here are the crash log and rendering settings. Note that after I imported the rendering settings from VR template, MetaHuman made some changes to it.
crash log (116.9 KB)
redering settings(DefaultEngine.ini) (6.0 KB)

submitted a bug report. Case # 00505209

Ok. This issue occurs only with UE5.0. Works fine in UE5.1

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