Mesh going black when using the mesh-editor

Hello everyone,

Could somebody please explain to me why my mesh is turning black whenever I want to use the ‘mesh-editing’ panel to apply new textures? I made a short video to showcase my problem: UE4 - mesh turning black - YouTube

So far, this problem only occurred with meshes that I created myself in C4D.

I had the same problem, except it was on the floor mesh of the third person shooter, template map. I modified it in the mesh editor, but didn’t apply textures. Then it was black in the editor viewport (4.24.3) and I hadn’t changed much else. I finally tried enabling “Dynamic Inset Shadow” and that brought it to lit. I was trying to set up the Light Propagation Volume in an RT-enabled scene, with MDF enabled too.

Now I have a problem where when moving the camera around the mesh, it changes color as though it has a desaturation filter getting rendered over it within a certain view location of the camera.

Hey Presto, thanks for your reply. Apparently, I was just being stupid… I forgot to export the Normals in C4d, which led to this problem.