Mesh gets bright from distance

When I move away from the mesh, it gets bright. Anyone knows how to fix this?
(Note: You can see in the picture that distant trees are brighter, and I marked them. And the trees are foliage.)(I think the fix might have to do with the cull distance or bounds scaling, however I couldn’t find any scale bounds option in foliage or mesh details tabs.)

Here is another picture, you can see that the distant trees are brighter, I think they don’t have shadows because of cull distance( I might be wrong I’m not even sure about this), but I don’t understand why they are glowing.

Hi SongOfDeath,

Directional Lights will use Cascaded Shadow Maps for their dynamic shadowing. This method, however, has a limitation of distance.

The default for the slider is 20000 units (200 meters), but you can type in higher values. This will spread the number of cascades over those distances, which also means that you will not have higher quality shadows at closer distances.

You can try to use the method used in Epic’s Kite Demo and use a combination of Distance Field shadows with Cascaded Shadows for closer distances since this would provide sharper dynamic shadowing up close.

You can see this implementation with the comparison here: Distance Field Soft Shadows in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation

I hope this helps.