Mesh Distance Fields for single static meshes

In the patch notes for 4.15 it mentions:

Dynamic Indirect Shadows for static
meshes using distance fields.

Individual Static Mesh assets can
enable Generate Mesh Distance Field to
compute a distance field, without the
memory cost of enabling for the whole

Under the static mesh settings in the asset properties window is a checkbox for ‘Generate Mesh Distance Fields’ for that particular mesh. After generating, it shows in the statistics display that it created a distance field. However it doesnt seem to actually work when trying to use it as I would when Distance Fields are turned on for the entire project under the project settings.

Am I missing a step or a checkbox in order to be able to utilize the distance fields for single meshes without having to turn it on for the whole project?

This option is only available for indirect shadows with distance fields and not intended for other distance field features.

Alright, That’s what we thought but weren’t sure. Thanks