Mesh Disappears When Setting Quality Level to Lower Than Epic

Hi, Guys and Girls.

I’ve encountered an issue. I have a skeletal mesh attached to my Character, but when I set Effects Quality to anything lower than Epic the mesh becomes invisible for some reason. The materials applied to the mesh have no quality switch, they are always the same. At the same time, Static Meshes attached to this Skeletal Mesh are visible as should be.

Has anyone come across such an issue? Why is this Skeletal Mesh related to Effects all of a sudden?

Thank you in advance.

This is from some time ago but encountered the same issue. Trying to find the solution atm.

Ok figured it out:

There is a setting under rendering for skeletal meshes about quality level. If this setting is higher than the one in the scalability setting, it won’t be rendered. After putting it to Low, the mesh is rendered with all scalability options at low.



Thank you! I’ve remade the mesh a long ago and it started working on its own, but still, that’s really good to know!