Merge Actors in 4.17: Wrong scale (Demo project included)

It started happening in 4.17. Merge Actors adds scale to static mesh components, resulting in wrong scale. This happens if static mesh Build Scale is set e.g. to 2 opr anything else than 1. I’ve created a simple repro demo project here: [REPRO DEMO PROJECT][1]
(It also happens when you add static mesh component through Construction Script)

I would be grateful if you could fix it quickly, my projects suffer from this bug. Thank you!

Hi Slavq,

Thank you for the report. i was able to reproduce this behavior so I’ve created JIRA UE-48156. Our developers will be investigating further. Follow that link to monitor the status of the report.


Thank you, I see that it’s marked as fixed, but for 4.18 - is there any chance for this to be included in some 4.17 hotfix, maybe 4.17.2 or 4.17.3? My Marketplace product suffers from this, as this bug prevents it from having 100% inteded functionality.

today the issue was changed from ‘Fixed’ to ‘Duplicate’. How can I track the issue now? There’s no link to the other issue report. Will this fix appear in some 4.17 hotfix then?

The JIRA they are referring to is UE-47645. Unfortunately it can’t be made public facing but it is currently targeted to be fixed in 4.18. Just post back here for updates.