Menu in VR Spectator Cam in 4.27 Template?

I am working on developing experiments in VR. We have a Research Assistant monitor the participants using the computer’s monitor. It would help to have a menu on the spectator cam that they can use to enter participant information without the participant seeing. Is it possible to use UMG/widgets to do this? Any ideas on how to get started? I am using the 4.27 VR template.


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Hey @Tim_Hubbard! I provided Project Files for a livestream I did back in 2019 which contains an example menu for the VR Spectator Camera: Unreal Engine Livestream - Creating a VR spectator camera - Feb 21 - Live from HQ (make sure you’re logged in to the Forums click the Project Files link in the OP).

The implementation isn’t graceful but it works and once setup you simply edit the Widget Blueprint like you normally would :slight_smile: