Mega Nature Pack

I haven’t seen a thread for the new nature pack, so I thought I’d share some pics of stuff I’ve made from it in the last thirty minutes or so.

I’m currently building a 50 vs 50 realistic WW2 shooting game, aiming to complete it with all the vehicles and weapons of each particular conflict. I’m beginning this project by building a map set outside of Carentan in Bocage country, in Normandy.

I decided to use the new Mega Nature Pack, so I’ve uploaded a screen shot of my progress (as I said - I’ve spent thirty minutes on it), as I thought it would give people a chance to see some of the assets used.

I should note: you get broken fences, broken fence posts, clean fences, power poles, pumpkin patches, corn fields (two types), 8 types of bush, something like 16 trees, 20 types of grass, a ground material that comprises of 4 layers - grass, dirt, cliff/stone and debris (small rocks and dead leaves) used to paint to your liking.

All materials and assets in this screenshot are from the pack. It’s the best thing I’ve bought so far. Collision is present, and I believe LOD is too (although as a newcomer to the engine I’m not sure what people are specifically looking for in LOD). All grass disappears after 1000 meters away or so, and bushes and trees and objects seem to billboard.

While the grass has wind, the trees and bushes do not. I believe it is quite easy to add wind to both of the aforementioned.

The sample scene is also set up quite well and I pulled in a couple of the lighting elements from it to use in my own (with tweaks).



Hey, I like your idea since I can’t stop loving WW2 games.

The bad news is, I can’t open the Attachments.

I linked to the imgur page instead. It should work now. I too am addicted to gritty reality shooters and WW2 in particular!

I was wanting more details on this pack, annoying not included in the marketplace breakdown!

Do the assets come with LOD’s and collision? Are the trees/bushes/grasses moveable in wind?

Many thanks in advance.

Hi! Please tell if the assets have collsion included ? Is the LOD for all of them included ? Manufactura4k’s assts are well known for their lack of collision.

hmm, links broken

I would also like to know if the assets have collision and LODs.

I read that Manufactura often did a bad job porting stuff, but all of Mega Nature has LOD and collisions. For what it’s worth, it seems very well optimised (from the perspective of a newbie).

I also don’t understand how the images are so unviewable. Every link is working for me. I’ll try something else.

Images work for me. Regards

I bought the Mega Nature Pack today.
I think we should consider writing a common petition to Epic Team about banning Manufactura4k from Unreal Marketplace.
This is another time, that something is wrong with the assets. Sorry I have no time to go into the details, but the MNP is bit ****** up…
The grass has simple wind reaction behaviour assigned with material ( wind weigt, speed etc. )
Most trees do not react to wind at all
Most trees have collisions ( some of them haven’t! ), but this can be fixed quite easily by user
Most bushes have collisions, but they should not have it.
There is flickering bug occuring with most of assets ( they have no mip maps assigned, when I try to change the parameter to “Sharpen 10” ( that worked for me in case of Grass Pack ) , then I cannot, it does not change - don’t know why.
Meshes are nice, textures are nice, but another pack of issues is unacceptable. This guy should fix all the assets, or get banned for ever.


Yeah, I’m not sure how I feel about them. All the other assets made by them have very similar problem. They didn’t give much effort in updating the assets for physically based rendering when the ported them over from Unity. i.e. using the red channel for roughness. Maybe they haven’t had time and they will update in the the future but I wouldn’t count on it. I would suggest you rate the asset appropriately in web marketplace since that’s the whole purpose of a rating system and hopefully they’ll get the message.

From what I’ve seen from some assets up close, not many hold up too well. This goes for more than just MK4’s stuff. Some asset packs look fantastic from screenshots but if you actually drop an asset into your level, they look pretty low resolution.

I wonder if there is a way to include a web preview application that marketplace creators can use to display their assets, somewhat similar to what the Unity asset store does with their web browser app?

Guess we would have to open our own buyer’s support/fix thread where we would post our sollutions to each one of problems from the asset pack. I’ll do it tommorow. I don’ t even count on manufactura’s help, this guy is hopeless. Regards

  1. just add a wind effect (Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial: Wind Effect (english) - YouTube) + for the branches you can add a separate one when you add vertex groups to the meshes (Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial: Blender Vertex Paint - YouTube) -> in my foilage pack you can also find some wind setups + a shader whichs reacts to the player (e.g when he walks over grass it moves) [FREE] Foliage Starter Kit - Community Content, Tools and Tutorials - Unreal Engine Forums
  2. Could you post a picture of the flickering? → it could be that there are no mip maps on the textures. Therefore the textures have to be in “power of two” (127x127, 1024x1024,…) :slight_smile:

Quite pleased with forest, but sadly the assets don’t hold up quite well enough when one get’s close.

Fighter - I don’t really remember the texture resolution, but I can remember that textures clearly had no MipMaps. Is there a way to fix it ? Do I need to export each texture from Engine to hard drive, then open with Photoshop, then save it again as DXT5 with “generate mipmaps” option selected and finally import it back to editor ? Is there a faster method ?

can you upload high res pictures of the pack ?

As far as I know every texture that is in a power of two should have a mip map :slight_smile: -> so check the resolution again and look if you can change the mip settings (dropdown menu + try to select another setting)

Editor says that there are no mip maps, when I try to select another setting, then nothing happens.

Texture is 3000x3000pix

For 3000x3000px mipmaps won’t be generated. You either have to scale it down to 2048x2048 or size it up to 4096x4096. As fighter said, texture has to be a power of two.