Media Player not working

I am using the tutorial here: How To Play A Video On A TV With Sound - Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial - YouTube

…to play a video. It works from Play/Simulate but on the headset it is just black screen.

Does media player not work in VR?

Hey @Brickan, could you try the Media Framework Quick Start instead? We’ve verified this to work with VR in the past.

That looks very similar to what I did, uses the same Media Player. I thought maybe it had to do something with settings. Like I notice the movie asset has a file path reference, and on the device maybe the move isn’t copied over by default?

Which device are you testing this on? Oculus Quest?

Yes, Quest 1

Ok I got it working. I did two things:

1 - put the movie in Content/Movies folder
2 - see pic, for the movie asset, changed Automatic to AndroidMedia (highlighted in yellow)

I think #2 was more important as I had tried #1 before and it didn’t work


Thanks for updating the thread with your solution!