Media Player not working

I am using the tutorial here: How To Play A Video On A TV With Sound - Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial - YouTube

…to play a video. It works from Play/Simulate but on the headset it is just black screen.

Does media player not work in VR?

Hey @Brickan, could you try the Media Framework Quick Start instead? We’ve verified this to work with VR in the past.

That looks very similar to what I did, uses the same Media Player. I thought maybe it had to do something with settings. Like I notice the movie asset has a file path reference, and on the device maybe the move isn’t copied over by default?

Which device are you testing this on? Oculus Quest?

Yes, Quest 1

Ok I got it working. I did two things:

1 - put the movie in Content/Movies folder
2 - see pic, for the movie asset, changed Automatic to AndroidMedia (highlighted in yellow)

I think #2 was more important as I had tried #1 before and it didn’t work


Thanks for updating the thread with your solution!

Hi Brickan,
If you need HLS or DASH Streaming on android, you can check this plugin. In case you face any issue again.
NexPlayer for Unreal Engine is the only video player plugin that supports HLS and DASH streaming on Android and Windows devices.

Can someone explain the solution to this problem? I tried the android thing but it didn’t change anything. I can find any answers anywhere. I’m desperate

Did you find anything yet?

Any solutions?
My media player is totally not working on android.
its also not black.
material is not inserting to static mesh